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How to Survive During a Crypto Winter

Tips to bear in mind for surviving and thriving during crypto winter bearish market conditions.

As an investor, the prospect of a crypto winter can be unsettling. Crypto winters occur when prices fall and stay low for a considerable length of time, and current global conditions have affected the digital assets market and indicate that crypto winter is looming as of July 2022.

Crypto winter 2022

One crucial thing for surviving a lengthy market decline is to remember that dips, even if they are prolonged, are a normal part of the market. This strategy can help investors maintain perspective when prices decline so that they can avoid making choices driven by fear or panic. It is also important to mitigate additional dangers and have a plan in place. Digital asset investment poses risks due to the market’s volatile nature, and risks are heightened during a down market.

Based on historical patterns, bearish market trends are a natural part of the economic cycle. Most analysts and industry insiders believe that holding out and patiently waiting out the storm are the best strategies for surviving a crypto winter market. A long-term perspective is more important than succumbing to the temptation to sell in a panic.

Strategies for surviving in this winter crypto market

Let’s look at some of the strategies that can be used to survive in crypto-bearish market conditions.

1. Stay calm and weigh your choices

It is necessary to stay calm and examine the situation objectively. Emotional decisions are the ones you’ll most likely regret later, especially in trading.

To begin with, consider why you are investing in cryptocurrencies. Do you trust in the long-term success of cryptocurrency and want to capitalize on the chances it may bring? Or are you only interested in making quick money through short-term trading?

The answer to this question might be a stepping stone toward figuring out how to emerge unscathed from a bear market.

2. Invest instead of speculate

Over the years, the digital asset market has matured considerably. History indicates that long-term crypto investments have rewarded a significant yield to investors. But rather than speculating on assets, it is advisable to do your homework and run your regressions. With the increasing applications of blockchain, the use-cases of cryptocurrencies are rising and the market now encompasses over 20,000 digital assets. Identifying the right positions and the right assets can lead to significant gains in the long term.

3. Staking

Staking is a viable option for generating passive income from your cryptocurrency holdings. Staking is storing your currency on a proof-of-stake (PoS) blockchain for an extended length of time and getting rewarded.

The important aspect of staking is that it expands your digital assets even during a bad market. As a result, when the bull market returns, your portfolio will increase in numbers and potential value.

4. Avoid shorting cryptos

Shorting is a trading strategy that allows traders to profit from dropping cryptocurrency values. In theory, it should be a good match in a bear market, where price decreases are prevalent.

However, the majority of industry experts will caution you against shorting Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, because doing so might result in exponential losses or the liquidation of your position.

5. Analyze the current market status

It is critical to stay aware of the market’s current position in the winter bear market. This strategy gives you the best opportunity of positioning yourself appropriately, acting fast, and minimizing losses.

6. Crypto platforms and coins can fail- plan ahead of time

A handful of cryptocurrency ventures failed to survive the last crypto winter in 2018. Although the sector has matured, we may witness projects running out of cash. Digital assets with little or no usefulness face imminent danger, whereas more established cryptos may have a higher chance of survival. Another danger to consider is that cryptocurrency platforms themselves may fail.

It is advisable to secure your positions against these conditions. For instance, transferring your digital assets into a cryptocurrency wallet under your control is one approach to safeguard yourself against platform failure.

Bottom Line

Markets always go in a cyclical manner. Bear markets follow bull markets and vice versa. In the stock market, history demonstrates these patterns.

So far, Bitcoin has recovered from significant drops to reach new highs. As a long term investor, there are several reasons to believe it will do so again. But the key to enduring a long winter is to plan for the worst while holding out for the best.

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