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ICO Statistics: Why ICOs Are Popular Across The Globe

By Antier Solutions 🛡️ on Altcoin Academy

The trend of cryptocurrencies in the financial industry is all in the talks of the market. The cryptocurrencies are sure to revolutionize how the payment transactions are carried out. The impact has been viewed worldwide as global customers are adapting to the market with great zeal and enthusiasm.

One of the prominent use cases of cryptocurrencies is the ICO which is the best fundraising opportunity for the businesses. The cryptocurrency is backed by blockchain technology. Smart contracts are the base for crypto assets that get floated in the market.

In this article, we will delve ourselves into the statistics of Initial Coin Offering development to gain more insights on the ICO in the crypto industry. Further, this will help you to know how prosperous this market is.

We have comprehended various reports and data published by various groups such as ICOdata, Coinist, and ICObench from time to time. So let’s get started.

Amount Raised by ICO in the Previous Year — $11.4 Billion

In 2018, the launch of crypto assets took a spectacular turn with a lot of new cryptocurrencies being launched. The total amount being raised through completed and ongoing ICOs reached the mark of $11 billion.

3782 ICOs Were Launched in 2018

The trend of ICO in 2018 was quite progressive. There were a total of 3,782 ICOs that opened last year. The trend of ICO in 2019 saw a bit dip in the first quarter but gradually gained momentum.

The Highest Record Volume of 528 New ICOs in March 2018

The most positive month for the launch of ICOs in the previous year was March. A total of 528 ICOs were launched in March, making an unbeatable record to date for any month.

The Total Funds Raised Grew by 13% YOY

A total of 13% growth was recorded year on year (YOY). The total funds grew to $11.4 Billion from $10 Billion last year. The growth accounts for adequate terms as it matches with the expected interpretation.

The Total of $7,812,150,041 Raised From Completed ICOs

The funds raised from completed ICOs were $7.8 billion in 2018 as compared to around $6.2 billion in 2017. The year over year growth of funds amounted to 25% which indicates the confidence of investors in the market. Even there existed some risks within the space; still, new cryptocurrencies keep pouring in and the interest of consumers is intact.

The Total Completed ICOs Amounted To 1,253

The total number of completed ICOs also grew from 875 in 2017 to 1253 in 2018. ICO statistics from shows that $7.8 billion of funds were generated.

The Average Amount Raised by an ICO Amounted to $11.52 Million in the Previous Year

The number of completed ICOs grew at an increasing trend but the number of funds being raised out of them accounted for average growth. In 2017, the average funds collected by an ICO were $24.35 million. And in 2018, the average fund collected by a single ICO was $11.52 million.

A Cumulative Amount of $22.5 Billion Raised in Five Years

Since the time Initial Coin Offering development started in 2014, total funds raised amounted to $22.5 billion. This is a good figure to achieve within a short span of five years. The overall crypto market showed that on an average $4.5 billion has been raised since 2014. Though in the initial years the market was slow to capture, it gradually picked up its pace.

Filecoin — The Most Successful ICO Raised $257,000,000

It was recorded that Filecoin sold around 51,400,000 tokens. The initial price put down was around $5 and through that as high as $257,000,000 was raised.

Most of the ICOs are Seen in the Finance Industry

It has been seen that approximately 644 ICOs have been recorded in the financial industry. The ICO statistics from Foundico further divide the ICOs as bellow:

  • Trading — 267 ICOs
  • Payments — 217 ICOs
  • Infrastructure — 215 ICOs
  • Internet — 181 ICOs
  • Industry — 123 ICOs
  • Social Network — 120 ICOs
  • Health care — 108 ICOs
  • Gambling — 106 ICOs

Take Away

It has been seen that bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency but Ethereum is the cryptocurrency with the highest return on investment. As investors are going positive about an ICO, thus the demand for Initial Coin Offering development is also high. The future is always predicted from past trends and the flourishing past of ICOs anticipates that the future of ICO is bright.

If you are planning to launch your ICO, we can help you navigate your journey. Backed by a team of ICO experts, we offer comprehensive ICO development services — from token design conceptualization and development to white paper creation, smart contract development, ICO platform development, ICO marketing, consulting, and more. We emphasize on steering your ICO venture toward success.



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