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iFighter Infinity: The New Blockchain-Based P2E Gaming Network

iFighter Infinity defines itself as a network designed in the crypto space leveraging the play-to-earn concept. This network combines three principles, Defi, SocialFi, and Gamefi. On top of Defi, the iFighter Infinity network uses NFT assets and a native token IIS.

According to their Wiki papers, iFighter Infinity intends to monetize on the social and gaming behaviors of the investors. This platform creates a Web3 blockchain-based gaming network that allows players to control their data.

The iFighter Infinity Game Overview

The game is set in 2150 AD, where people have been looking into the interstellar realm for many years. The human race is exploring space while trying to find a new home for themselves.

As a new player, the primary role is getting a new home in the universe. However, the starship gets damaged while exploring, and the team escapes with an airship. As part of the team, you also escaped using an airship, but due to unknown factors, the airship malfunctions.

You end up in a parallel universe, facing the hard threat of alien force attacks. At this moment, you realize that the only option you have currently is to fight to survive. At the start of every game, you must choose a ship. Players must gain resources by winning against alien and unknown enemies.

iFighter Infinity NFTs

iFighter Infinity network leverages different blockchain assets to provide its services. One of the major tools involved is non-fungible tokens. So, the NFTs come in various forms, including;

Warships NFTs

The network has several types of warships, each unique in its way. To use the warships, you need blueprints that serve different purposes, including modifications. By combining tools that bring good luck, you will have blueprints during battle. Warships come as NFTs.

Equipment NFTs

Equipment like weapons, armors, and reaction devices are NFTs to help the player succeed in missions. It would help if you had these for battle arenas and various in-game activities. The weapons and armor will help you win the different battles along the way.

Hence, you need to get high-quality equipment by investing in more valuable NFTs. You can mostly get some equipment NFTs in the market.

You can use $iRON and $iGOLD to level up the equipment,the quality of the warship depends on the level of the equipment.You can buy the equipment NFTs through the equipment pre-sale in Q1,2022.Or can get them in the marketplace.

iFighter Infinity Game Features

The entire game involves various activities, all combined to ensure the platform provides a good gaming experience. Among the primary features within this platform include;

  • Synthesis. Players have the option of synthesizing high-quality equipment(NFTs). You will consume more resources to create higher-quality equipment.
    Players can consume 3 same star level equipment to create higher-quality equipment
  • Upgrades. The iRONs and iGOLD will help improve the technical parameters of the warships. In each warship upgrade, therefore, you will consume iRON and iGold.
  • Infinite Battles. You can also participate in endless battles where you destroy enemy ships. However, by winning the matches, you will stand a chance of getting rewards. Once Infinite Battles start,can’t suspend and end.Each time you complete the exhausting mission,you will obtain considerable resources.

iFighter Infinity Stakes Token

The iFighter Infinity network has a native token called IIS, which helps streamline service provision. The IIS token supports many services within the network, but primarily governance.

According to the whitepaper, the IIS token guides the DAO. The DAO has the responsibility to make final decisions about the gameplay and design of this network. Moreover, the IIS DAO can also vote on upgrading social contracts and gamefi.

On top of its use case as a governance token, the IIS can also help purchase NFT in the marketplace and provide liquidity in AMM. Once you provide liquidity, you earn iGAS and iRON rewards in the network.

Important Assets in iFighter Infinity

Aside from the NFT and native token, the iFighter network has another three types of assets used in the network. Here are the assets;


Of course, every engine-driven machinery uses gas to function correctly. In the network, iFighter Infinity has an asset called iGas, the propelling energy for the warships. To continually fill your gas, you must defeat enemy ships, complete missions, and random mystery events.


iRON are the essential parts improving the performance of the warships. You get iRON in battles. After winning, you receive iRON as a reward. iRON is the major asset for upgrading the warships.


One of the most valuable assets of the iFight Infinity Ecosystem is the iGOLD asset, which is often obtained in Missions. iGOLD can be used to update the equipment and warships, equipment synthesis and talent upgrades

Benefits of the iFighter Infinity

There are several benefits for gamers and investors of this platform. Among them include;

  • Play to earn mechanism set to benefit gamers
  • People can have fun with these new concepts.
  • Platform governed by the community through IIS DAO
  • Good gaming experience offered through a 3D model and achievement-focused system
  • Easy accessibility in mobile devices

Final Word

This guide has explored the iFighter Infinity gaming network and its relevance for gamers. The network provides a user-friendly game, listing a high gaming experience as one of their major focus areas. It combines NFTs, different assets, and the IIS token to offer services across the globe.

The NFTs in the platform can be sold in the marketplace to make an income. Moreover, by playing the game, you will be able to garner rewards in NFTs and iGOLD&iRON tokens.

One of the most exciting things about this network is its availability on mobile devices. They plan to ensure this game supports both iOS and Android devices in their roadmap.

Disclaimer: This article is not intended to be a source of investment, financial, technical, tax, or legal advice. All of this content is for informational purposes only. Readers should do their own research. The Capital is not responsible, directly or indirectly, for any damage or loss caused or alleged to be caused by reliance on any information mentioned in this article.




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