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Interview with Ash Davidson from The Crypto Mob

The Crypto Mob — Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Education

Ash, you are current Managing Director of The Crypto Mob which was founded in October 2017 as a Facebook Group to help like-minded people with Cryptocurrency investing & trading.

How come you decided to create a company?

It was always the plan I had. I built a brand that was giving people education, and at that time it was free, although I had a Udemy course which in total over the year achieved 4000+ sales, with approx. 400 of those being paid courses. I wanted to evolve as a person and to challenge myself to build a company that would be different to most. Having served in the Royal Air Force as a police officer I wanted a total change and the plan for that change is underway.

What is the main value proposition of the company?

The plan is to build an education platform that is affordable for anybody in any country, for people to become distributors and leverage the platform as their own business in the United Kingdom building local clubs for like-minded people to attend events in their local counties, towns, and cities. This is a first for the UK, but also for Cryptocurrency. I’m a massive fan of community spirit which was the main backbone in the growth of Bitcoin. We have 3 directors, Myself, Lee Swallow and Mark Morgan. We all look after a section of the country, and within each section will have counties and within each county, you have cities and towns. This is our aim for 2019 and in 2020 and 2021 we aim to do this across the world.

What drives you to have this vision? Why are you passionate about this?

I think the vision comes from what has happened in the past with how Bitcoin grew but also seeing how people can take advantage of people who are very new and inexperienced within the space. I’ve seen too many people hurt and I also find that it is still a very hard market to understand if you are new. The likes of buying Bitcoin, wallets and setting up exchange accounts can be tough, with often misguided advise from others aiming for a referral fee into potential scams. I think my passion comes from wanting to help people, what I’ve done in my previous career and also it is something that I am good at, which I give my all to provide for people no matter what skill level they are at.

Who is the company’s ideal customer and how does the company currently approach them?

The main customer for us is anyone willing to learn about investing in cryptocurrency. Not everyone wants to become a trader, but we all know that as soon as Bitcoin rises, people will want to invest. It’s all about the customer's safety in investing correctly. There are a lot of scammers out in the open in this field who will take advantage of people. Our aim is simple, we have an online course for people to do which will fully teach them everything to be safe, this allows them to invest in the cryptocurrency they want to and hold the coin securely. The course teaches people the importance of research, knowing how to buy, what to risk and how to be safe holding that investment asset. People, if they wish, can advance into being a trader to grow their portfolio faster but that is down to them as a person.

In terms of approaching, we offer out so much free content for people to learn via my own Youtube channel which you can find at or on our Telegram

We have built an amazing community of people willing to help one and other, most people have no idea what to buy, how to handle a bear market and how to set up certain wallets, having people to help you is a massive bonus.

As we can see on your website you offer three different courses: PREMIUM for £10/month, COMPLETE COURSE for £250 and FULL TRADING COURSE for £180. What can a user expect for his money?

Outstanding value. For premium it is a continuous learning package, this is where users get a lesson every Monday, Group Fortnightly Live ZOOM Calls, One on One Support and Friday I do videos about coin research, we also share each and every trade we do on a transparency page, those are shared on premium, certainly as an investor/trader it helps knowing what to look for and people to ask, at the time of writing this we have over 30 hours of footage on Premium.

Our full course is 15 separate subjects and approximately 20 hours of footage with more to come from Lee Swallow with his trading style to be added. We feel this is tremendous value for the customer as they get to learn about Bitcoin, Blockchains, Alt-Coins, Researching, Wallets, Passive Income and ICO’s to name a few. Then we go on into trading. How we have It structured is £250 for EVERYTHING which is 14 subjects then the 15th which is a full trading course which is over 8 hours of footage and counting, we offer lifetime access on these as our branded courses which can be updated and added too at any time as the market changes, the number of hours will most likely keep going up, the trading course, we feel has the most value, this can be bought for £180 but also on monthly plans, all our of courses have monthly plans to keep the payments low for anyone.

We also have courses from other subject matter experts which are all going to be priced at the same amount, so each course creator is paid for each sale that the company makes, all we do is host it for people. So far, we have Elliot Wave theory and a social media influencer course so people can grow their own brand and earn cryptocurrency from that. We also have plans for a Mining course and a dedicated course on Masternodes, Blockchains, and Bitcoin: Sound Money.

These courses can be found at

Who or what motivated you to join the cryptocurrency world?

I’ve always heard about blockchain and cryptocurrency since 2012, I was in and around internet marketing forums and it was the sort of thing I heard about and learned around then, I then joined the RAF in 2013 and never really looked at it again until 2016. Due to the RAF and my travel I often got bored so I started reading up about property investing, stocks and then I stumbled again onto Cryptocurrency, took it more seriously and got my head down and learned as much as I could. Pulled the trigger and since then I’ve been obsessed. For me, I’ve always liked the idea of investing and trading to make money. It’s something that I believe will become more common in terms of the use of cryptocurrencies, so being early to the party was one of those motivations to help it succeed.

What was the most valuable lesson that you have learned while working with cryptocurrencies?

Always be ready for a bear market. Never think that an asset you’ve invested in will keep rising in value. I sold too late on some of my coins but I feel that was by far my best lesson.

Another one, not through experience but through others, is that you should never trust a company with your crypto to grow it, they are often scams and will run off with your money.

In your website, we can find a statement that says:

“We teach literally everything you need to know”

How many teachers are there, do you teach people via live or pre-prepared video lessions?

We have 5 teachers at the moment with that going up to 7 who teach self-paced learning courses when people can literally buy a course and learn it when and wherever they want at whatever pace. We have 3 teachers who actively teach on live zooms which we do for premium members every month, so we have a mixture of prepared content and live too. Our goal in the future is to have interactive courses allowing us to do a curriculum online each week with a tutor and a group of students with a support group chat.

How are you different from Suppoman, Ian Balina, or Boxmining?

I don’t promote other coins for starters. I know the industry having worked in the space in the ICO space and have spoken to one of these directly about promoting the project I was working in, I declined as I don’t want the wrong crowd jumping into these promotions.

I feel I offer a more rounded coverage in terms of my YouTube and from a company element a lot more ambitious with my goals for the long term, the people mentioned had also gone a little bit quiet over periods of the bear market and falling subscribers which painted a pretty good picture in terms of lost credibility from the bull market of 2017.

I’ve only recently started publishing content daily on YouTube, got 40 videos online and getting close to 30,000 views and 1000 subscribers, so I must be doing something right with the brand.

What are the greatest obstacles for the company this year?

I think for the company, in general, is to gain peoples trust within the industry, there is a lot of scams going around, along with that very overly priced education which fails to deliver on their promises. My aim for my company is to always over deliver certainly with the education elements and how we aim to grow the company throughout the UK and around the globe. I think once people who we are, their only option will be us.

Ash Davidson, thank you for your answers.



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