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Interview with Mav and Doc from ReadySetCrypto

YouTube Channel with 100k Subscribers

Emil Sterndorff: Hey guys! It’s a pleasure to talk to you both today. Before we get started, could you both please introduce yourselves, your stories and how you got to where you are today?

Mav: Hello everyone, I created the YouTube channel ReadySetCrypto because I wanted to give people an alternative to what I saw was the videos of the time that weren’t representative of what I felt crypto needed. I based the channel on a couple of morals; not taking any money for ICOs, always doing the research and taking the time to give people a good video to basically respect their time. My background is in FinTech? Specifically, I went to school for Computer Science. But over time I’ve been getting more and more involved with this financial engineering industry that we’re in.

Doc: I visited Mav at his apartment in 2017 to do some auto maintenance projects together; before we got into that he showed me an intraday chart of ETH up on Poloniex in his office and was actively trading it. I was a little shocked as I did not know that he was involved in any type of investment or trading activity, and here he was knee-deep in it!

I said, “OK, tell me what you know about this stuff right now!” A couple of weeks later, we took a two-week vacation to the UK and we spent all of our time on the trains talking Crypto and the light bulb went on for me. My background is in technical trading of instruments like stocks, options, and futures, and have been trading for a living since 2005. When I saw crypto for the first time, I knew that it was something that I could bring my experience to bear on.

It’s always been my dream to work with Mav on a project like this, and I thought we made a pretty good pair with his deep knowledge of the crypto industry, and my trading background. That’s how we started ReadySetCrypto.

What led you to start a YouTube channel, and why the name ReadySetCrypto?

Mav: I wanted the name to be representative of how everything is a journey, and education and information certainly is. Especially with crypto, people need to go through almost a sequential series of steps and learning stages. I felt that the name represented that — moving from first hearing about crypto to getting involved, to getting really passionate about it. It’s a sequence that I’ve seen so many people go through so I wanted my channel to speak to that and basically be accessible for all levels of people in their crypto education.

How has the 2018 bear market affected your company for good or for worse, and what’s your general feeling of the market going into 2019 and 2020?

Mav: The Bear Market in 2018 affected everyone in the crypto space. But it really depends on your outlook of things. We did not use our position as a market influencer to take any money from ICOs to promote them, so our prerogative was to build a business that was sustainable and market-agnostic. We built a service that appealed to people in both information and education. Those are two things that are never in short supply even in a bear market. We have done a pretty good job with keeping active and almost being a beacon of optimism in the bear market and helping pull the industry forward. Just doing our best to continue putting out videos and continuing to research what is going on, which I think is a good segue into where I think the market is going.
I think we are in a transition period with crypto where 2017/2018 was dominated by ICO money and ICO interest and clearly that wasn’t sustainable. But the good news is that we’ve already gone through that phase and flushed out all of the bad actors and bad interests, so now we have something to stand upon. Even though the ICO model was flawed, it showed the power of direct-to-investor capital formation. And I think that model isn’t going away, it just needs to be more compliant with regulations. That is where my interests lie within STOs. Basically, I am positive for the overall market going forward. Even if it doesn’t look like much in terms of price, I think we are laying the groundwork right now that will be very important for the years to come.

Doc: From a trading perspective, there are so many analogs that parallel the late 1990’s, everyone’s already heard the analogy of how the dot-com companies that flamed out in the late ’90s are just like yesterday’s ICO boom and bust cycle and we’re waiting to see which coins are going to become the next Amazon of the future. But there’s also a big parallel in trading. The late 1990s was the beginning of the retail trader boom in stocks, and as the prices of assets rose over the last twenty years, derivatives like futures and options became popular for risk management, income, and leverage considerations. And I believe that starting in 2019, we’re going to see a boom in these trading derivatives, specifically with crypto futures to begin with. BitMEX really got things kicked off and dominate BTC volume right now, but a lot of very sharp competitors are right on their heels and it’s going to be a great time to be a crypto trader. Remember, when you trade derivatives like this, you don’t really care if you’re in a primary bear market and waiting for prices to go higher. All that’s required for an opportunity in these instruments is a little bit of movement in any direction.

In 2017/18 we saw buzzwords like privacy, Masternodes, ICOs, crypto cards — which ones do you think we’ll hear more about going into 2019 and beyond?

Mav: Well, buzzwords are representative of the overall market trend. As I said, what dominated 2017 was fast cheap money in the form of ICOs and everything that was related to that. We’re going to be moving towards compliance and stability. Institutions and regulators will be getting on board. If I want to proclaim buzzwords it’s going to be all about longevity, sustainability, profitability, and compliance. At least that is where we need to take things. What will dominate the trends in the years going forward, we will start to see Blockchain move beyond just the crypto industry and what that looks like and what do we do with this technology — I think that is incredibly interesting. We’ll start to hear buzzwords related to how Blockchain is used.

Doc: The hallmark of a more mature financial market is the application of derivatives for risk control, which is what institutions must have before they will invest the trillions of dollars available worldwide. We will start to hear more about ETFs, Futures, and Options. And of course, we will hear a lot more about STOs.

Are you planning to expand your business with more than the YouTube channel?

Mav: Yes the goal is to build a ReadySetEcosystem and speak to more than just crypto education, as much as we love it. We see the opportunity to appeal to the new age investor in the digital economy. We will be covering topics that we feel are important for helping people realize financial freedom in a new age.

Doc: We will begin to leverage my Options background to help newer investors discover unique financial opportunities for the small price of a little knowledge, and since both of us are now solopreneurs, we will also help show others how to unshackle themselves and secure their freedom in a digital age.

Individually, what’re your biggest interests outside the topic of cryptocurrencies and blockchain?

Mav: Technology has always been my passion and my first love. I grew up with technology and I will continue to champion it going forward. I am excited to see the confluence of all these different technologies that are coming to light right now; AI, Shein learning, VR, Blockchain. For me, that’s what gets me up in the morning; Imagining the future.

Doc: Exploring freedom as a digital nomad. Just in my lifetime, I’ve seen tremendous changes in the working culture. When I started my first full-time job, most employees wore a tie, uncomfortable shoes, and many smoked in their cubicles. God help you if you were five minutes late or left early. Today, we’ve cut the cords of physical bondage in this liberating “gig” economy; as long as you can provide value to remote clients, you can be anywhere in the physical realm. The world is a big place and I’d like to see more of it.

Inside the world of crypto, which projects, companies or technologies are you most passionate about?

Mav: Right now I am very keen on seeing the Security Token ecosystem grow and be certifiably compliant and functional. That’s where a lot of my day-to-day attention lies. Inside the legacy crypto ecosystem, I’ve always been attracted to platform projects such as Ethereum, Stellar and NEO. And I’ve always found interest in supply chain projects as well so Waltonchain, V-chain, Origin trail. Between those two, I think they’re both extremely good use cases and are perfect ways to use the blockchain.

Doc: From a pure trading perspective, projects like Digitex Futures offering commission-free futures trading. This is a great application of token technology and a trader’s dream not to be dragged down by the friction of commissions.

What’s your opinion on decentralized exchanges, and what needs to be done to make the perfect DEX that can actually out-compete a CEX like Binance?

Mav: Here’s the thing, DEX architecture is more secure. And I think that is something we obviously want more of. Because in a lot of audits of centralized exchanges, they fail basic security measures which is very concerning. But the problem is that decentralized exchanges don’t have the best user interface; there’s a lot of times where they’re some of the hardest things to use. What I would like to see is a better user interface, better UI, better UX for decentralized exchanges. Such that they’re accessible for more people. But I also think we need to see the liquidity built in as well. So hopefully someone like a Binance can pioneer the model of almost a hybrid exchange that combines the benefits, the security of decentralized exchanges with the liquidity and accessibility and user interface of centralized exchanges. This will be also extremely important, going forward, as we test the waters of what peer-to-peer trading settlement looks like and a whole new ecosystem that is built out of that.

What are your plans with the business over the next 2–3 years?

Mav: Grow the channel, explore other outlets for education and information and do the best we can to prepare people for any market fluctuations.

If you had to give props to one other cryptocurrency project, company, or personality for helping shape the cryptocurrency space, who would it be and why?

Mav: My feeling is that one of the biggest issues with blockchain is the scalability aspect, and everybody knows that, but a few people are working to solve that outright and I think that is one of the biggest challenges and opportunities with Blockchain. Any project working to make that happen I think is worth mentioning because we can’t have user adoption or mass market appeal unless Blockchain is better than the legacy systems. When you want to talk about disruption, its faster, cheaper, more secure and we definitely appeal to the latter two but until we can have a system that is clearly faster than the TPS of Visa, for example, then we are just having fun with theoretical technology.

Where can we catch up with you guys on social media, or otherwise support your business?

Mav: You can always check us out on our YouTube channel, ReadySetCrypto. We’ve got a great Twitter and Instagram presence as well. And if you head over to we’ve got a free newsletter, a free crypto course, and a lot of other great content to help you with crypto education and with what’s happening every day. We even have a private community that shares information with each other, we are really proud of what we have built with that.

Thank you for your time guys! Before we finish up, do you have anything to add?

Both: Thanks for the interview, Emil! We think big things are coming in this space and we are very excited to be part of the growth and maturation of this market!

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