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Interview with the CEO of Decenternet, Sean Kim.

Interview on Altcoin Magazine with Sean Kim, Ceo of Decenternet.

Hello, Sir, it’s a pleasure to meet you! Can you give us a brief introduction to yourself? What is your story, dating back as far as you wish?And how did you get involved in cryptocurrencies and blockchain?

I am Sean Kim, founder of Decenternet. Over the years, it has come to my attention that society is manipulated in 3 major ways. The fundamental infrastructure that give the illusion of stability in society has gradually been building enough influence and power over the general population. What if I were to share with you the fact that the system which maintains this very infrastructure has an independent ability to inseminate ideas into our heads, control what we ingest into our bodies, and manipulate the value of wealth we strive to accumulate? At the heart of this exhaustive cycle, you may notice that the main asset of manipulation is the monetary system, food and drug policies and education. Notice how centralized search engines and SNS rules all 3 seamlessly. Some people may have already realized that the process of normalization is so natural and embedded into our lives that it may be difficult to detoxify ourselves from this influence. I have realized that this limits us in every way. Have you ever felt as if there is an invisible heavy force in the backend of the structure of reality suppressing and working against you? Whether you have or have not, this has troubled my mind for many years until I was struck by a plethora of information though what Satoshi wanted to accomplish. Immediately, I was able to see the true potential of his vision. Satoshi’s agenda may not seem perfect, but an insightful mind can easily see how it can lead to an overwhelming amount of innovative economic, social and scientific new ventures which can lead our civilization to the next level of ascension. Having run an IT firm for over 9 years and having built mining facilities in South Korea, worked with optimization of hashing algorithms for crypto mining, I had built enough passion and energy in my heart to pursue my vision of bringing this technology into the mainstream market. I started to receive mind shattering ideas which seemed to be too wasteful and irresponsible if I had ignored them, because I was intuitively aware that they were not my original ideas but a massive insemination of mental data from the desire of billions of people on this planet in a distant future who had a soul shattering desire to obtain a fundamental right of all existing souls. These ideas have been put into the initial white paper which has been modified quite a lot to fit in the business models, commercialization strategies, and more competent technical architecture. However, you can read the original copy on our website. Picture the nature of reality being quantum. Notice how there can only be one optimum reality which we may be willing to jump ourselves into that will benefit us all mutually. A reality which the one and only ultimate currency is Freedom itself. Those who understand quantum logic may know the deep meaning behind this phenomenon. This physically and mentally magnetizes me into the world of blockchain by the simple physical principle of attraction and causation which all existing things alive or dead abide by. I realize at this point that my background can illuminate many others to join the decenternet movement for freedom using technology rather than violence. Remember that original thought is the only way to your desires.

Sean Kim, CEO of Decenternet

What has been the biggest challenges since the beginning of your company?

Funding has been the biggest challenge in the beginning stages. Now that we have a growing community of users, that stage is about to subside. Currently, we are devoted to improving the quality of our products and the security of our ideas as they can be beneficial and harmful depending on who possess them. Remember that they can create worlds very far away from each other which split and materialize into physical reality at each second. We are grateful that we never run out of the ones that work for our favor. Learning to master these and utilizing them in our favor is the challenging game. The rest is all superficial and temporary.

What has been your greatest achievement personally, and with Decenternet?

From a business standpoint, the greatest achievement for Decenternet has been the creation of our native Web 3.0 Osiris browser that’s fully integrated with our dAppstore and web wallet. This has allowed us to let the general public make use of major dapps without needing them to be knowledgeable in anything about blockchain.

Personally, and philosophically, I think I will be able to bring new innovation that can revolutionize how we enjoy all aspects of our lives. I’d rather not say much about this at this point. You wouldn’t like it if I revealed all your future Christmas presents ahead of time without your permission, would you?

Tell us about your team please?

Louie Hwang, Co-Founder of Decenternet and CEO of dAppstore, oversees our overall company management and business. He is a veteran from the Venture Capital industry where he built over 7+ years of experience from start-up investments to project acceleration.

Shin Daisuke, CTO of Decenternet, has over 20+ years of experience in the IT industry as a lead developer and chief technical architect. He has worked with the top five technology companies in the world and have successfully delivered 168 projects with leading companies such as AT&T of North America, Motorola R&D Center, Ericsson Telecommunications, Intel Technologies, Mercedes-Benz, Bank of America and more. His breath of expertise cut across a myriad of technologies across different industries. He is also a certified digital solution architect/Blockchain Expert/BitCoin professional.

What are your plans with the company for the next 2–3 years? Where will you be in terms of achievements, partnerships, products, user base, etc?

With our recently released open-beta for Osiris PC, mobile (Android & iOS), and dAppstore PC edition, we currently have a fast expanding user base of over 60,000 users. We also plan to bring fast free VPN as a default native feature to our Osiris browser. This will enable us to enforce true net neutrality for the first time in history. Experts say that users are expected to increase dramatically in countries like China where web censorship is enforced.

Our goal is to bring dapps to the masses and reduce the barriers for mainstream adoption. With different profit models in place, we expect to see a significantly increase in our revenue by year 2022. We have plans to deploy multiple open source assets including the liberty search engine CDD campaigns. We would not like to discuss too much details because we have experienced that it’s best to deploy them instead of talking about them because we simply can. This is better for us so our ideas are not copied and the interests of our investors are protected. We realize that some business entities are interested in investing in our initiative. In that case, we can share more information regarding our near and long term product deployment and revenue generation structure if you book a separate meeting with our team.

Where can we connect with you or support your business?

You can connect with us through the following channels:


Facebook: @decenternetofficial

Instagram: @dnet_official

Twitter: @dnet_official

LinkedIn: @decenternet

YouTube: @DecenternetOfficial



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