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Interview with Vice President at Coinsquare Wealth, Ali Irshad

Hello Ali, it’s an absolute honor to interview you today! Before we begin, can you please tell me who you are, and how you got into cryptocurrencies and blockchain?

I spent my career in corporate sales since my early twenties. After living in NYC for 6+ years up, until 2011, I found myself back in Toronto during a massive tech boom. This move led me to help grow sales teams at a number of upcoming SaaS (software-as-a-service) companies till I found myself here at Coinsquare.

I made it my ‘thing’ to grow sales teams from the ground up. After doing it six times in six different cities across North America I was very keen to find the right opportunity to continue with this focus. I’ve was always had an interest in Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency space but it wasn’t until I met the extremely smart and passionate executive team at Coinsquare that I took the leap to make it my career.

That’s an interesting turn in your career! So now, tell me a bit about Coinsquare. Imagine you had to give a 1-minute pitch.

Coinsquare is one of the world’s premier cryptocurrency trading platforms for Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, and other cryptocurrencies, founded in 2014.

Since inception, we’ve been laser-focused on transparency, risk mitigation, and building a client-centric culture. Beyond just a trading platform, Coinsquare is on a mission to grow into a multi-faceted financial services company anchored in blockchain technology.

We were recently named the second most sought-after, and fastest growing, startup in Canada by LinkedIn. Further, Coinsquare is one of the only cryptocurrency companies in the world to successfully complete a third-party financial statement audit. We’ve recently announced our expansion into Europe as a Q4 2018 initiative, which includes our Wealth division. Our global licensing division is busy supporting the launch of a cryptocurrency platform in Japan with investment bank DLTa21.

How do you compare Coinsquare to other cryptocurrency exchanges or brokers?

We don’t necessarily compare ourselves to other exchanges, but we do focus on offering the best customer support in the world. We make sure we have the right services for the right customer, which includes the Coinsquare Wealth offering with dedicated account management, a global agency desk, and top-rated banking relationships to ensure we can work at the speed our corporate clients expect.

Beyond the trading platform, and Wealth, we also have a global licensing division, as well as a mining division: Coinsquare Mining.

For institutional investors, we have Coinsquare Capital Markets and Coincapital, our investment management subsidiary.

What has been the greatest challenge to overcome in the history of the company?

We went from 1 person in April 2017 to over 130 in March 2018!

What’re some of the greatest achievements you’ve made recently?

We raised over $60M in private fundraising, which is a huge accomplishment for any startup. We completed a third party financial statement audit to demonstrate that we run a legitimate business.

Steadily, and through exceptional client support, Coinsquare Wealth dominates Canada as the premier high net worth + Corporate OTC service in the country. We hope to offer the same level of service to European customers.

Are you planning to expand the business with new products, and can we get some ideas of what it might be?

We have a lot on our plates with Coinsquare Wealth, Coinsquare Licensing, Coinsquare Mining, Coinsquare Capital Markets, & Coincapital… Personally, I’m very focused on our European expansion heading into 2019.

Are you actively looking for partnerships, and if yes, of what kind? Also, do you have any active partnerships or collaborations ongoing?

We are actively looking for partnerships that fall under Global Licensing, Coinsquare Mining, and Coinsquare Wealth.

Where do you think cryptocurrencies are heading, going into 2019 in terms of new developments?

Cryptocurrency will remain a highly volatile market with continued risk and reward. From a development standpoint, I think we’ll see a lot more infrastructure deploying in 2019 to support transactional use along with new custody solutions for the institutional market.

If you had to give props to one other cryptocurrency project, company or personality who really changed the game, who would it be and why?

Personality wise, I would say Andreas M. Antonopoulos for obvious reasons.

As far as projects, I’m keeping my eye on many… Toronto itself is home to many of these. Unfortunately, since I’m representing a trading platform, I can’t give out anything that may be taken as investment advice.

Where can we connect with Coinsquare or in other ways support your business?

Sign up for Coinsquare, “Like” us, or follow us!






Thank you for your time, Ali. Any final words?

Thank you, Emil, for reaching out and giving us the opportunity to share more around Coinsquare. Wishing Altcoin Magazine, and all the readership a fantastic holiday season.

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