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Interview with Xavier Latil, CEO at The Blockchain Group on Altcoin Magazine — Be Part of the Future

Hello, Sir, it’s a pleasure to meet you! Can you give us a brief introduction to yourself? What is your story, dating back as far as you wish?

I’m CEO of the Blockchain group since April 2018. I work in the digital and the tech since 1997. I know, 1997 seems really far but it was the beginning of the e-commerce and the digital. During 20 years I worked in-house or in an agency.

And how did you get involved in cryptocurrencies and blockchain?

I always have been passionate about technology. Blockchain was one of those technologies that you hear about when you’re in the tech industry.
In the beginning, I just tried to trade bitcoin and rapidly I saw an amazing potential with it. I decided to launch The Blockchain Group but not alone.

So what led you to start The Blockchain Group and why exactly this kind of company?

Once I had discovered the blockchain and decided to launch the Blockchain group, the biggest problem that I found was a complete lack of real consulting companies to support the start-ups.

Who are the co-founders, and what’s your relationship to those?

The Chairman of The Blockchain Group is Pascal Chevalier. Pascal is also the CEO of Reworld Media, the first media group in France.
The other co-founders are Lia Almeida and Soheil Sk. We have a really close relationship.

What’s the vision for the company?

The Blockchain Group is an ecosystem and will come to be known as the world’s leading blockchain ecosystem. We created a complete ecosystem to help and support companies of any size in the Blockchain.

We have 3 pillars:
1. Media and Event, with our media websites and the events we organize we provide all the tools for companies of any size to be present in the Blockchain community and develop their footprint.
2. Consulting. With The Blockchain XDev, we have the capacity to develop and implement blockchain technology. Today we work with companies in the bank industry and the insurance.
3. Incubator. We’re going to open an incubator in the center of Paris and also in Singapore and Toronto. It will create a network for the start-ups.

What has been the biggest challenges since the beginning of your company?

The biggest challenge is expectations. People within the crypto sphere and shareholders expect everything to happen immediately. We have a long-term plan to create an ecosystem of services for companies of any size and honestly, we achieved in 6 months what it takes normally a year.

What has been your greatest achievement personally, and with the company?

The greatest achievement for The Blockchain Group today is certainly the Blockchain Day we organized last October 10th in Paris at the Palais Brongniart. We took the decision to organize the biggest event in France and one of the biggest in Europe only 6 weeks before it.
In 6 weeks, the team achieved to organize the event. We attracted speakers from Europe, Asia, and North America and more than 600 attendees.

Personally, my greatest achievement is my family. I’m married to the woman I live and I’ve two amazing girls.

What is your plans with the company for the next 2–3 years? Where will you be in terms of achievements, partnerships, products, user base, etc?

Within the next couple of years, The Blockchain group will open incubators in 3 cities: Paris, Singapore, and Toronto. The Group will incubate more than 100 simultaneous start-ups across the world.

If you had to give props to one other cryptocurrency project or company apart from your own, who would it be and why?

There are so many great projects in the Blockchain world that it’s hard to choose one. I really like the Genki project of my friend Reda. Smart device and smart business approach.

Where can we connect with you or support your business?

On LinkedIn:
And thanks for covering The Blockchain Group. If anyone has any follow-up questions, feel free to drop me a message.

Lastly, will we meet you at the Altcoin Magazine Mastermind Event?

I will certainly attend the Altcoin Magazine Mastermind Event.

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