Is This One of the Biggest Mistakes in the History of the Crypto Market

On April 6, @CaptainScio gave ground for speculation by posting an image on his Twitter that allegedly captures the sale of 42,000 bitcoins for only $0.18. The real price at the current exchange rate is about $306 million.

In the past, the cryptocurrency market was already aware of such annoying mistakes of some and planned actions to buy for the unnaturally low price of others. The last such incident occurred in mid-March when one of the Binance users managed to buy LINK tokens for $0.0001.

In the situation under consideration, everything turned out to be much more prosaic. According to Justin Mart, Coinbase developer, the course deviation noticed by the user is just a GUI error. Apparently, it arises during the transition from one market to another when the charts overlap.

“This is a UI bug, reload the page and it’ll go away. Will raise it to the team though!, ” wrote Mart.

It is worth noting that even if such a deal at Coinbase took place, most likely, it would be canceled. The rules of the exchange say: “All executed orders are considered completed and cannot be addressed unless a serious technical error is detected. In this case, Coinbase will take any reasonable measures to return transactions to the point at which they were before the error occurred.”

Author: Marko Vidrih

Featured image credit: @CaptainScio (Twitter)