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Justin Sun and his super friends save TRON from a hack

TRON prevented a mysterious hack that temporarily shut down the network yesterday.

The TRON blockchain was shut down for two hours yesterday after a mysterious attack, but everything is back to normal, confirmed Justin Sun, Tron’s CEO.

Sun outlined the hack in a series of tweets today. He said that while the blockchain was upgrading to version 4.1, the mainet was under attack by a malicious contract.

The attacker wanted to take advantage of the block production suspension, Sun said, without explaining how or why.

But the TRON community responded immediately, located and resolved the problem, and worked with super reps to upgrade the nodes,” he said. Things were back to normal in about three and a half hours.

“Data across the chain remains intact, and user assets are secure. “

Sun is a real marketing man. He even dared to turn the attack into something positive. He says this is proof that the “#TRON network is the decentralized network with the most resilience and defenses against attacks in the industry!”

Sun then retweets this:

Sun, unfortunately, did not go into further detail. Also, his Telegram chat, which prohibits FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt), contains no answers.

Investors do show doubts

Despite Justin Sun’s healing words, investors have less faith in Tron. The Tron price has fallen by more than 7 percent in the past 24 hours. That will partly be due to the hack, but at the moment, the entire crypto market is declining.




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