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Latest On Mimblewimble Code For Litecoin By David Burkett

The final code of the Litecoin mimblewimble protocol will be ready by the first quarter of 2021, said the lead developer of the project, David Burkett.

The code will be ready and merged in the first quarter of 2021. The activation period will be determined by users and miners. Burkett also reported that there is already a working Litecoin mimblewimble code on Github.

He said:

“I tried to develop a secure way to support one-Sided mimblewimble transactions back in January. After a year and around a dozen design iterations, we finally have a working code!”

Wow 😀When ready to use with LTC

- Nicolas Olsen (@Nicolas_x_Olsen) December 28, 2020

If we talk about Litecoin price, then, like many cryptocurrencies, in the fourth quarter of 2020, LTC achieved good results. It traded at about $ 45 on Sep 2020, and on December 2020, LTC reached 135 USD. This is an impressive 200% plus increase, which may help Litecoin to displace XRP from fourth place on Coinmarketcap.

Traders and investors understand that Litecoin is a cheaper and faster version of Bitcoin. In addition, a working mimblewimble code to Litecoin in 2021 will become another reason for Litecoin adoption.

Originally published at on January 1, 2021.



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