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LCX Recent Growth and Partnerships

LCX (Liechtenstein Cryptoassets Exchange) is a fintech organization based in Liechtenstein aiming to tokenize assets, advanced trading platforms, and security token offering. It is a regulated centralized cryptocurrency spot exchange that offers trading of various digital currencies and whose technology helps form a bridge between the traditional and modern financial systems.

LCX is fast-growing and forming many partnerships to help make the delivery of its services seamless. If you are curious about what LCX has to offer, make sure you read this informative guide to the very last word!

LCX Growth and Development

Monty C. M. Metzger founded it as a simple idea on a napkin, and it has recently recorded global growth and is redefining finance from how we know it. LCX provides a one-stop tokenization platform that automates investment management and fundraising via the blockchain.

LCX was recently awarded a membership in the World Economic Forum, and it was also named as a blockchain pioneer by the BRI (Blockchain Research Institute). In 2020 alone, LCX acquired the governing approval of 8 new registrations in agreement to the established blockchain laws under Registration no. 288159 of the Financial Market Authority of Liechtenstein. This is more than Bittrex Global, Bank Frick or any other company in the country. LCX’s due diligence compliance requirements are at the same standards as a bank or other financial institutions — and are already aligned to comply with new European Commission’s Regulation of Markets in Crypto-assets (MiCA) and US FATF crypto regulations. Liechtenstein is known for its hidden champions in the middle of Europe with direct market access to two markets, European Union and Switzerland.

LCX Partnerships

LCX’s growth has also seen it with some globally leading companies, including the following:

Digibyte and LCX partnership

Digibyte is one of the pioneers in blockchains whose platform was launched in January 2014. This partnership is proposed to help create a thriving technology and legal infrastructure relationship. The primary focus is on the enhancement of privacy in both consumer and business applications.

LCX also plans to list Digibyte’s native coin, the $DGB, on its exchange while both companies interact to produce a booming ecosystem with DigiByte as the foundation. The tweets by both Digibyte and LCX foundations seem promising to have dedicated professionals to provide apps and products for consumers and enterprises embedded in DigiByte blockchain.

Quant and LCX

LCX’s collaboration with Quant is strategic. Quant is set to benefit from DLT interoperability. The collaboration is also believed to accelerate the development of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs). The duo shares a vision of bridging traditional and modern financial systems based on blockchain.

The alliance is primarily aimed at:

  • Quant integrating LCX in the Over ledger Network as a partner
  • LCX supporting Overledger Network Technology
  • Joint research and development.
  • LCX listing QNT on its regulated cryptocurrency exchange platform

Constellation Network and LCX

LCX also inked a long-term strategic partnership with Constellation Network Inc-a San Francisco based software, big data and blockchain company. The partnership between the two entities seeks to expand the blockchain ecosystem via collaboration with other decentralized service providers to create a more secure and scalable blockchain solutions to cater to user dynamic needs.

In the partnership, LCX agreed to support the listing of tokens created using the Constellation Network’s L-O Token Standard, integrate native wallets to support $DAG and list $DAG at LCX Exchange. It will also list the Lattice Exchange token (LTX) at LCX Exchange and collaborate with Constellation to use its Hypergraph Transfer Protocol (HGTP) to bring trade and transaction transparency to the centralized exchange.

Monerium and LCX

Monerium is a finance technology company aiming to make virtual currencies accessible, safe, and easy to transact. Their collaboration with LCX brings a lot of excitement because, together, they will complement each other’s technology and legal infrastructure to grow their market interactions.

LCX users will easily receive or send Euros in the Ethereum blockchain through SEPA with a Monerium IBAN. The strategic alliance also seeks to:

  • Launch different Eur/Crypto trading pairs
  • Implement tokenized virtual money
  • Collaborate in research and growth plans for new solutions on security token offerings and the token infrastructure in general
  • Launch an easy to use fiat-gateway


CELO is the first mobile Defi platform with a fast, secure, and stable global payments infrastructure. LCX is one of the newest members of the CELO foundation. LCX will be working along with leading technology providers, payment processors, worldwide investment firms, and nonprofit firms in Celo’s open blockchain ecosystem.

LCX firmly aligns with Celo’s mission to bridge the traditional and virtual currencies gap. Financial inclusivity is crucial for a healthy economy and thriving economy; hence, this collaboration with other firms will help realize this objective — the alliance for prosperity to foster social impact by leveraging the disruptive blockchain.

Final Word

LCX’s infrastructure will be the foundation for the yet to come in digital assets. It aims to build a blockchain ecosystem that will enable merchant, institutional, and consumer access to digital assets in a safe ecosystem. The recent collaborations will see that it achieves its goals in providing global financial solutions for all sectors. If you are in doubt, watch this space, and you will attest to LCX’s enormous growth in the next few years.



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