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Mafia Weekly Cryptocurrency And Bitcoin Market Review

By Rubika Ventures on Altcoin Academy

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Hi Rubikators! In this week we have removed all the news from the market and neglected the conspiracy theory of the week and we have concentrated with the mafia theories. Exactly, we are talking about that 1% of the world population that supports the remaining 99%. The same group that occasionally reveals to us the future market parameters.

Therefore pay special attention to the following lines of text. From this moment we will show you the future of Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency market, which as we know, the latter and until 2022 will exceed $ 3 trillion dollars in total capitalization. Believe in us, this will be the best Christmas and End of the Year gift that you will have.

2020 promotes a lot and that’s why you should read this article carefully. The mafia next year will make its first movement and it is essential that you know them.

Bitcoin Waves Elliot’s Vision

On the weekly chart, the gangsters are talking in their private barracks that we are here to finish the correction we are witnessing weekly.

You must know that contact Elliot waves, there is a giant wave of wave (wave 5) that will make the price really reach very close to $100k and that can happen during the next two years following the current one.

For now, and when this article was written the price of Bitcoin was being negotiated around $7550 and with a dominance of 69% of the market.

Particularly we are already prepared in our premium group to take full advantage of this new market wave for the weekly chart.

If you read the monthly review, we can conclude that these two analyzes have a lot of concordance and relationship. While the monthly chart shows us a next wave 3, the weekly chart is talking about a wave 5, which means that for the two graphic times a new bullrun is very close to starting. So. let’s be patient!

Market Fibonacci’s Vision

Studying in which Fibonacci area we are is a very important factor to understand in which moment of market we are. That means that if the price of Bitcoin does not exceed 60% of the Fibonacci retraction, we will still be in a short correction period.

With this vision we can conclude for the next few weeks the following: (1) the price can retest the resistance of 60% of the Fibonacci retraction very close to $7850 and breaking this area, what awaits us is to return to test the resistance very close to $9100 well below 50% of the Fibonacci retraction and testing the strong trend line we have drawn with the last correction;

(2) the price is the resistance marked by 60% of Fibonacci, but the high trend is rejected, causing the price to retest the strong trend line that the Bitcoin price has been respecting since 2015.

At this point, there may be again a test of the break of the EMA100 very close to $6900. If the selling force, and here we put into play the next expiration of the future contracts for the CME scheduled for this month, the price can reach the maximum correction that we have been talking very close to the EMA200 and below the $5550.

The great challenge we have is the next crossing of the EMA9 with the EMA50, which if we look closely can signify a selling pressure. From this, we will continue looking.

Super Powerful Gann Vision

As we said earlier in our weekly market review, Gann’s theory serves a lot to find the strongest supports and resistances, decreasing probable errors with Elliot’s theory and Fibonacci’s theory. Those who belong to the Gann school will tell you a lot about the diamond formation within the graph of any time.

With the above, we confess an important thing. We love using Gann angles to measure the accuracy of these supports and resistances and thus avoid errors in trade operations. Imagine the privilege you have in your hands by joining our team.

So, doing a micro-scale analysis and using Gann’s theory, the price of Bitcoin in the weekly chart is at a critical interception point of decision in the area that these days has been accumulating between $7120 and $7550.

Remember that this last price in our daily analyzes has been considered a very strong resistance zone. Breaking this point downwards, I’m very sorry, but the bears will win the battle and this action will validate our previous theory, making the price again test the EMA100 very close to $6900.

Intergalactic Geometric Vision

Leaving the classic theories that we know, we can see that we are really in a second cycle of the market in the weekly chart. We will call these cycles “butterfly effect” and we will explain why.

In the monthly review we talked to you about the theory of chaos made by Benoit Mandelbrot and his classic fractals. For the weekly chart, we want to mention this to indicate the pattern of the market click that is being repeated.

From this repetition, we can conclude that a new “butterfly effect” or market cycle is about to begin in the coming years.

Wikipedia basically explains that in chaos theory, the butterfly effect is the sensitive dependence on initial conditions in which a small change in one state of a deterministic nonlinear system can result in large differences in a later state.

We recognize that it is a very complex concept. That’s why we leave you the video that we insert here in the article so that you know better this powerful and intergalactic theory.

But what really confirms the theory of a new market cycle or bullrun?

If we take seriously the theory we are talking about, you will recognize that when Bitcoin was created the world was going through an economic crisis and the financial system was beginning to collapse.

Exactly that is what is happening now and it was what happened between 2015 and 2017. The world went through an economic crisis and now we are starting a new economic crisis.

Crises are what we call “butterfly effect”, given that an economic crisis or world disorder arises but new opportunities or doors are open. And if you think about it, that’s exactly what the gangsters in the market don’t want you to know night by day.

So, the second cypher pattern formation on the weekly chart shows us exactly that. The second click of the market and the beginning of the new bullrun for Bitcoin.

Doing a micro analysis, and taking as reference the symmetry that we are showing, we see a starting point or interception point very close to $8210 where the price of Bitcoin is likely to finish the correction and will break the high strong trend line that was formed in that last price correction.

Of course, that can happen in a positive case. But as we still know the market manipulation is not over and even by the institutions they entered the game and the banks are surrendering to this new technological wave as we explained in our previous conspiracy theory.

See the next story. With Love 💛, Rubikators Team.

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And remember, at no time does this article recommend the purchase or sale of any asset within the market. Our primary objective is the education and documentation of past, present or future developments. investment in cryptocurrencies or other assets has a moderate risk, so it is important to have a detailed study of the possible scenarios before placing your money at risk.




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