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Matic Network Guide 2020 — Where to Buy, Wallets, Price Prediction

By Coin Gyaan on The Capital

The blockchain industry, in recent years, has evolved in so many ways, and being an advanced frontier technology, it will continue to intensify its growth in forthcoming years leveraging traders and investors to yield the fruits of the crypto world.

Well, today, we are going to talk about a renowned blockchain scalability platform Matic Network where we will gain insight into if Matic network is a good investment and many more questions like that, and hopefully, we will know about the expansibility of blockchain network as well.

What Is Matic Network?

If we go by definition, Matic Network is a blockchain scalability platform which provides secure, scalable, and instant blockchain transactions between different exchange platforms. It brings wide-reaching influence to Ethereum by the means of an adapted version of Plasma with PoS based side chains.

The decentralized apps are undoubtedly forging ahead in the steady flow of blockchain and crypto industry although the limited scalability of the modern blockchain ecosystem slows down the pace of such DApps. Matic network aims to satisfy every inch of UX by devising hassle-free interaction between customers and decentralized world.

Is Matic Network a Good Investment?

With the only objective of creating a genuine decentralized ecosystem for investors to exercise instant money transfers at low prices, the Matic Network is the one-of-its-kind platform. Their idea of leveraging users with fast transactions stood out to masses and many think that Matic Network could be a decent and secured platform to start investing in cryptocurrencies. If we technically analyse the Matic network and its price history, we can say that it would be a clever choice for investors and traders at present. Let’s look at some key traits of the Matic Network-

  • Scalability — The major reason why Matic can dominate the market in upcoming days is the realization of scalability which is based on decentralized Plasma operator mechanism.
  • User Experience — The successful platform is that which caters to the needs of its users. Matic Network knows it very well. They provide smooth UX with WalletConnect support to catch the customer’s eye.
  • Security — The unbeatable Proof-of-Stake system in the Matic network enhances the reliability of the platform.

What Is Matic Cryptocurrency and Where to Buy It?

Matic cryptocurrency is the coin offered by Matic Network which also helps users to manage their Ethereum assets and tokens with the help of WalletConnect support. Now the question is where to buy Matic cryptocurrencies. Well, there are many exchanges across the globe however in India, it is advisable to buy the currencies from CoinDCX.

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Being India’s biggest crypto exchange platforms, CoinDCX comes with a handful of advantages. One can buy Matic cryptocurrency directly via buy with INR on DCXInsta and trade on CoinDCX. Coinbase, Binance, Bilaxy are some other exchanges, users can go after to purchase Matic crypto.

Where to Store Matic Network (Matic)?

Now comes the biggest undertaking. Where to store the Matic Network? While there are a variety of online exchange wallets which can be used to store Matic network, however, the online exchanges are not trusted by any means and leaving any funds on exchanges at any time is not at all recommended. Therefore, there are a bunch of additional exchange wallets which are easy to use and support the Matic network by managing and transferring tokens on Matic sidechains. Use the following wallets to store Matic network -

  • Hardware Wallet — Ledger & Trezor
  • Mobile Wallet- Atomic & Trust wallet
  • Online Web Wallet — My Ether Wallet

Matic Network Price Prediction for 2020 to 2025

Based on various deal analysis from several cryptocurrency exchanges, Matic Network price can witness a rise from 0.0156 USD to 0.0236 USD within a year. The trend is expected to be positive for Matic Network and make this blockchain ecosystem a good investment currency to be considered. According to Coinmarketcap, the current price of Matic Network is $0.015523 USD with ROI 243.37%. The complete price analysis chart is given below -


Overall, Matic Network, built on Ethereum, addresses and deals with the modern blockchain technology taking on the mainstream market. Matic Network aims at building highly scalable user-oriented DApps. Moreover, being in the good books of traders comes as an added advantage for any exchange platform.

Originally published at on May 10, 2020.



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