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Newsblockchain invites experienced and beginner journalists

Newsblockchain occupies a special place among all the sites covering the situation in the world of cryptocurrency. Our experienced authors share their experience with novice journalists who want to take part in the project. To make the work of beginner authors comfortable, there is a scholarship program for them. They are also paid for the materials they have prepared and posted on the website. Anyone can take part in the scholarship program, without restrictions by country, gender, or age. The main qualifying factor is the willingness to explore the crypto world. In time, the participants may grow to become authors, analysts, and journalists of NewsBlockchain. The project is actively developing and growing, implementing new ideas, and adding functionality.

Why do miners, traders, developers, and investors in ICO and digital currencies need Newsblockchain materials? The secret is that we do not have any excess information. We hand-pick only the most important from the information flow, prioritizing events that will have a significant impact on the development of the digital currency in general and in the long term.
Even those unfamiliar with the finer details of cryptocurrency world will find our materials easy to comprehend. All articles on the site are written in simple and clear language. Any complex or difficult terminology can be clarified in the reference section of the site by clicking on the Terms link.

Example of articles on

Our analysts and journalists talk to the heads of cryptocurrency companies, receiving exclusive materials. Newsblockchain specialists attend conferences, meetings and other events related to digital currencies to provide you with the exclusive data.
The world of cryptocurrency ceases to be mysterious, becoming simple and clear. There is no need to leave the site to find out the rates of the most important digital currencies. In cryptocurrency rankings section you can find detailed information about how much cryptocurrency is worth in real time and how much its price has changed in absolute and relative terms. This data, as well as information about trading volumes, is of particular value to traders and investors.

Together with data on digital currency rates and trading volumes, we provide fresh and current news. You can subscribe to them on Twitter, Facebook, or Telegram and learn about the latest developments without having to leave your favorite social network or messenger. Owners of other cryptocurrency sites can subscribe to receive our content via RSS, which will be our mutual cooperation. If you want to save time, you can subscribe to our newsletter and receive the latest news right in your mailbox. Our analytics and digests are easiest to turn into opportunities for earning on the cryptocurrency market.

We invite you to visit the Reviews section, where the most important software novelties are presented. The Laws and Regulations section will tell you how governments of different countries are gradually changing their attitude to cryptocurrency. The information in this section is also important for successful trade and investment. Everyone involved in investment is encouraged to visit the ICO section, which showcases the most promising projects to date. The ICO section will interest both experienced and beginner investors in digital currencies and assets.

The Newsblockchain project will be an important source of information for you, an interesting read, and a way to find new business and investment opportunities. We are constantly striving to make the world of crypto accessible to everyone. And the best way to get to know digital currencies and assets is to bookmark Newsblockchain or subscribe to our newsletter, which you can do here:



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