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NFTs of Blockchain Gaming: KOGs Supersets

And Let’s Not Forget Border Sets, Rainbow Sets, & Series Sets

Ultra-Rare ‘Satoshi Nakamoto’ Slammer from the KOGs 1st Edition Neon Superset

With a massive 3,414 pieces composing the KOGs 1st Edition, collecting them all is proving very challenging. Even the most diehard NFT collector has their work cut out for them!

And once those same collectors began filling their WAX Cloud Wallets, a new subset emerged: the elusive ‘Superset.’

You see, ‘Rainbow’ and ‘Border’ Sets undoubtedly apply to other collectible items. However, because the KOGs series’ Ultra-Rare NFTs share borders across all game pieces — including Slammers — there’s a particular type of treasure ready for squirreling away from public bidding.

But before we get to the most drool-worthy of them all — KOGs 1st Edition Supersets — let’s define the others …

Your Set-Sorting Source

All data in this article is courtesy of Like similar WAX-enabled sites, simply enter your account number — or someone else’s — to pull figures.

Using Waxplorer’s filters shows all borders across all series — 1st Edition Slammers, Space Military, 90s, 8-Bit, Cyberpunk, etc. Here’s an example of one such Border Set:

Waxplorer displays what is and isn’t in your collection

In the image above, we can see 22 1st Edtion KOGs and Slammers with Rare Blood Orange Border #13. We can also see that this account has some holes to fill!

Same border color and type across all series = Border Set

Waxplorer also assigns collection rankings based on mint numbers in a set — the lower, the better.

Now that you’re familiar with what makes up a Border Set, let’s move up a step in size …

Rainbow Sets

As the name indicates, Rainbow Sets happen when it’s raining NFTs, and the sun is shining on a single design’s color spectrum.

Complete ‘Artemisa’ KOG Rainbow Set

In the image above, we can see all ‘Artemisa’ KOGs in the 1st Edition. Every border type and border color is a requirement to qualify for Rainbow status.

One design across all border colors and types = Rainbow Set

Our gal Artemisa has 24 pieces in her Rainbow. And you can expect the same figure from every 1st Edition KOG design falling into the Rare category.

From here, the sets jump in size before shrinking way down …

Series Sets

The KOGs Series Sets are like Rainbow Sets on PEDs. For instance, the ‘8-Bit’ collection — not counting the Foil versions — contains 204 different pieces across 15 designs.

Lots of big holes in this 8-Bit Series Set

To complete an 8-Bit Series Set, 204 NFTs must enter your wallet.

All border colors, border types, and rarities across a single series = Series Set

Have fun collecting these! Assemble enough of them, and you’re on your way to KOG Nirvana.

And now, let’s dive into the rarest of rare KOGs sets …


To qualify as ‘Super,’ a Rainbow Set must contain the Slammers to match the KOGs.

Now, some sets are more super than others. Here’s a foil super with ultra-low mint numbers:

KOGs 1st Edition Rare Foil Superset with Pink Border #15

Pick your favorite border type, then put all the cross-series pieces together.

Same rarity, border color, and border type across all series + matching Slammers = Superset

Here’s a complete UR Superset adorned in one of the KOGs franchise’s signature borders:

Ultra-Rare Superset with Cerulean Sky Border

It’s quite the sight, isn’t it? One can only imagine how many trades, purchases, and pack openings it takes to make your own. It won’t be easy, but you can do it if you want one bad enough!

Wrapping Up

KOGs has a lot going for it these days! For starters, the franchise recently overtook Blockchain Heroes as the best-selling NFTs on popular secondary marketplace, AtomicHub.

Plus, according to the studio’s recent roadmap, December is when we’ll see a beta version of a blockchain game along with the series’ 2nd Edition. And there’s so much more in the pipeline, including the introduction of an ERC-20 token.

For now, before the game launches and the next edition goes up for sale, it’s all about collecting the inaugural NFTs. I’m no financial advisor, but the collector in me says 1st Edition prices are still much lower than what we’ll see heading into 2021.

Lastly, NFT staking rewards are in the works for those holding KOGs. Considering how only 202K 1st Edition NFTs will ever mint to the WAX Blockchain — and only 30% of packs remain unsealed — there’s no better time than right now to begin or boost your collection.

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