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People of Blockchain — 6 questions for Brian Colon of Beekeyyy

1. What’s your background dating back as far as you wish?

When I turn 1 year old my mom moved from Caguas, PR to Philadelphia, PA where I live most of my life and in 1996 when I turned 6 years old I remember my parents bought me my first video game console called Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) and ever since then I was hooked into the gaming world and how I got attracted to technology.

It was game over after that.

2. How did you get involved in the crypto space, and why did you find it fascinating?

I was looking for remote jobs and different ways to earn income from home, then one day I bump into Bitcoin Mining and how miners earn income from home just by letting a couple of asic mining hardware overnight.

After that I purchased some Scrypt Asic Mining hardware just to start mining Litecoin and when I saw the mining profits that’s where I use to convert them into Bitcoin where I went on and bought my first ever StarBucks giftcard with Bitcoins.

3. If you had to point out one crypto company, that you really like, who would it be and why?

I love Stellar, I really like how is open-source, Decentralize and they give their users to option to instantly convert their cryptocurrency into gold or any asset from around the world with low fees. Plus their blockchain is perfect for small businesses as well.

4. What’s your goals, and what is your motivation in terms of producing educational content and sharing it with people who are interested in crypto?

My goal is to teach a large group of non tech savy individuals and teach them about Blockchain services and Crypto Trading in simple ways so then they can also have the skills in working remotely from home and create their own Cryptocurrency success story.

5. Which recommendations would you give newcomers who just entered the crypto space? What should they be aware of?

You must take your time to study a certain company you want to get yourself involve with and the same pattern is involved when opening a trading position, That is why I believe patience and transparency is the two key elements for success in the Blockchain Industry.

6. What do you enjoy doing, beside educating people about the crypto space?

I’m very active I love to go out hiking, meditating and traveling.






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