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Polynetwork Offers $611 Million to Hacker To Be Its Chief Security Advisor And Ensure They Will Not Held Him Legally Responsible For Hack

The largest Defi hack was committed against Poly Network last week.

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The Hacker was able to steal $611 million of funds. After being approached by the Poly Network with a request of giving back the funds and also threatening him with legal actions. The hacker said that he is a white-hat hacker and has no intentions of using the stolen assets. He later returned most of the funds.

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Recently PolyNetwork offered the hacker a reward of half a million dollars. Now, they are offering him the position of chief network security adviser and assuring him that they will not pursue any legal action against him.

In a tweet, Poly Network stated that it would transfer the $500,000 whenever it wants.

Poly Network Writes:

#PolyNetwork has no intention of holding #mrwhitehat legally responsible and cordially invites him to be our Chief Security Advisor. $500,000 bounty is on the way. Whatever #mrwhitehat chooses to do with the bounty in the end, we have no objections.

- Poly Network (@PolyNetwork2) August 17, 2021

Poly Network Official Medium Writes:

“Mr. White Hat shared his concerns about Poly Network’s security and overall development strategy in a recent public dialogue. The Poly team is actively working with organizations that are equipped to provide security solutions, with the aim of presenting the public with a robust and secure system that is fully prepared for Poly Network’s recovery and revamp.” we sincerely hope Mr. White Hat can understand our appeal and continue to actively cooperate with us.”

The network hopes that the White Hat will soon return private keys of the wallets, so that funds can be returned to investors.

Originally published at on August 17, 2021.




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