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Project rundown interview — Preferendum

PREFERENDUM is a Blockchain based system which allows any individual to debate and vote with their smartphones any issue relevant for their group, association community, county, region, state, nationality, and for companies who can ask their customer what to produce for them.

PREFERENDUM is the tool in where leaders and citizens, companies and customers, will be able to communicate through voting, in a trustable platform thanks to the blockchain.

Hey guys! What an amazing day to have an interview! Alright, so we did some research, and we know that there is a lack of communication between leaders and citizens, leaders are making decisions for everyone but their decisions are far from what citizens really needs or wants. How do you solve the problem with Preferendum?

Thanks to our platform, we are going to reduce the huge communication gap between leaders and citizens, every important subject will be able to be submitted to voting, so leaders will be able to know what citizens really want, and with that knowledge, they will be able to make better decisions. Citizens will participate in important decisions for their lives, so every society in the world will be improved.

PREFERENDUM will become a huge media and will transform citizens into active participation in every subject. At the corporate level, companies will be able to ask their customers about corporate strategy. We will transform corporate ex-post, customers satisfaction, and surveys into ex-ante customers preference that will indicate what corporations should produce and thus save trillions in costs and waste.

The voting is secret and gets stored inside the blockchain. Face recognition and ID Scanning guarantees one single account and one single vote per user. Explain to us please why in your opinion secret vote is better than traditional?

We protect user data, privacy is very important to us, no one can know the way a person votes. There are many subjects that could be sensitive in any society and for a person to really express their preferences, they need to be confident that nobody is going to know the way they voted. The only information that our system use, is the gender, age and localization.

You have a good point! So, your system offers to people to be informed and discuss every subject with voting, right? ¿Who do you think will mostly use your system?

We have a debate zone where people will get info and discuss every subject, it is very similar to the way that Facebook and Twitter work, we are going to create a huge media, with the difference that all the information and discussions will be transformed into action, thanks to the voting. PREFERENDUM is the evolution of social network, it will have a huge social impact in every society of the world.

The public sector and the private, both will be major users, every mayor of every county will be able to ask the member of their community, for example in the allocations of funds, if they prefer between all the streets to be fix or the creation of a new park. We will be in every county of every country on the planet, given decisions are being taken at any moment, the volume of users will be huge.

In the private sector companies that sell products will be able to ask people, for example, to choose between two different designs, before they produce it, they will be able to read the market in advance, saving huge amounts in costs for the company. It is the dream of every marketer.

We heard that in August 2019, you would issue Security Token (CLEI) for $120 million in order to finance the global expansion of Preferendum. Tell us more about Cleisthenes (CLEI) token. Why should one buy/hold CLEI?

The issue was already approved by the SEC at the beginning of this year. To our token investors we will pay 3% of the amount invested every year, tokens purchased will be granted the option to convert purchased tokens to equity by means of a swap transaction 5 years after the effective date of purchase. As such, this class of token holders would be granted a share of proceeds from its net income generated by advertising, or in the worst-case scenario, from the sale of PREFERENDUM licenses to a government entity or private corporation.

We know that Preferendum will sell advertising spaces in the Debate Zone, and the system allows brands to be seen in the type of subjects or consultation that they want. What are other advantages for companies which want to collaborate with you?

PREFERENDUM will sell advertising space in the Debate Zone and those advertising spaces will be bought with our token. It is our business model. PREFERENDUM will have a huge volume of users because voting has global reach and repetition because society and companies will never run out of issues. CLEI is the Preferendum STO, to advertise through a system application that’s interested by people, committed citizens, and community development. And it’s capable of segmentation through the geolocation of the questions to be voted, which will allow brands to reach specific markets. Counties are normally a good predictor of the income of people living there. If the mayor or anyone wants people to decide in Beverly Hills on an issue, then certain brands will be at the debate, like Rolex or Louis Vuitton for example. Is the formula that took Facebook to the value of today.

The Preferendum STO is a unique opportunity for companies to be part of an initiative to improve society and democracy worldwide, allowing citizens to be engaged and participate in what really matters.

More token placed means more countries covered with our first advertising campaign, that means more users and more views of brand ads. So ads will cost more tokens which will increase the demand for tokens and thefore mean more return to the token investors.

Will people have to use your own token for voting?

No, users just need to register to be able to vote. Also, our system is free for everyone and the most important thing is the verification of the vote. When the voting process ends for the first time in history a voter will be able to verify the way his vote was counted thanks to the blockchain, without any government or political entity. This verification is a great innovation and has intelectual property by PREFERENDUM LLC, the company created in the US, which now fully own the system.

Also, our system allows anyone to make consultations, this is because in many countries governments doesn`t want to hear what citizens wants, because in many times politicians are being bribed. So consultations can start from citizens, so if a trustable platform says that most of the country doesn`t want a policy to be developed, and politicians still want to approve it, it really says something about them. This is democracy, we were born free, and today the only freedom that we have is to select the people that will take decisions for us. Preferendum will change that, every subject will be able to be submitted for voteing.

Great! We already know that blockchain technology is secured. But Preferendum voting will be managed directly from users smartphone. Tell us how that works and is it also secured as Blockchain? Perhaps if some hackers hack into thousands of phones, then votes are not reliable, or?

Our system was developed in the last years by developers from 5 different countries, in which we have spent millions of dollars. From the beginning, we started the development for cellphones, because of hacking reasons. Today our system is extremely secure, and with the funds, we are planning to continue the improvement of security.

And what about the roadmap? Which milestones did you achieve and what can we expect in the near future?

We started the company at the end of 2013 in Chile, the concept was improved in the US in Harvard University during 2014, in 2015 we developed the first voting system, with a Debate Zone, real-time results and the verification of the vote. In 2016 we did the first citizen consultation in Chile and continue the improvement of the system with new features. In 2017 we did the second consultation and we started the blockchain integration. In 2018 we finished the blockchain integration, we created the company in the US (PREFERENDUM LLC), we capitalized the company with the software and launched the system in Harvard Business School. Now we have finished the token issuance to start the fundraise and the development of the company in the US because it is the place where most of the technologies had been developed and taken to rest of the world. We are planning to go global as soon as possible.

Nice! Thank you for the answers — Any final words you would like to share before we finish?

PREFERENDUM is freedom to choose, and for the first time will empower citizens to choose and decide how their future should be.

For more information please visit, and my email info is



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