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Project Rundown Interview with Black Eye Galaxy

Hey guys! Happy to connect today and learn more about the Black Eye Galaxy project! Can you tell us more about the founding of the project?

Sure, we started the project around 3 months ago. First was an idea to build something unique in the NFT space. I like the idea of virtual worlds like Decentraland, but we wanted to create something really different. More attractive and global. So that time we got an idea to create a real Galaxy, with thousands of planets, spaceships, star alliances, etc. BTW, Black Eye Galaxy is a real Galaxy in our Universe and the star map of the Galaxy is a real photo of Black Eye Galaxy.

Could you please give us a rundown of the most important things about Black Eye Galaxy?

Our project is a space metaverse. All elements like planets, starships, star stations will be NFTs. Each planet has natural resources that can be discovered and mined by planet owners. The amount of resources is different for each planet and depends on it’s physical characteristics, but on average it will be between 500$ and 5000$ in our native BYG tokens. Also, the planet owner will be able to rename the planet to any name he likes!

One more way to earn a good reward is to discover new planets. The project will start from a small discovered part of space, all the rest will be discovered by players. To discover a new star system, you will need to buy a spaceship and send it to the space discovery mission. All planets that you discover will be sold on internal marketplace and you will get 50% from the final price.

The most valuable will be inhabitant planets. The owner of such planet will be able to start new civilization as well as sell the land on planet! We will build a virtual reality world like Sandbox, where you will be able to travel through inhabitant planets. Build futuristic buildings on the surface, we will have different races with different skins and architecture.

So going forth into 2021 and beyond, how will Black Eye Galaxy make an impact in the NFT space?

Our project will be cross-chain-based. We are starting from Binance Сhain, but later will add other 1-t level chains. We have several star clusters in our Galaxy, each star cluster will be launched on a separate blockchain. We believe that unique gameplay with cross-chain functionality will help us to build a huge community of fans and become one of the leading Virtual World projects

Now, could you tell us about your accomplishments so far, and in the history of Black Eye Galaxy, please tell us what you are most proud of.

So far we created a promo website and building a pool of planets for the initial discovered part of galaxy. Join our Twitter to see how beautiful and different will be our Galaxy. In parallel, we are actively building the frontend and backend with plans to deliver them at the end of August. Mocks of future UI you can also find on our Twitter. We are moving strictly according to our roadmap that you can find on our website.

Now, give us a quick rundown of the future of Black Eye Galaxy . For example, what new things are you seeking to bring to life?

As I mentioned we are focusing now on phase 1 — full functionality for Binance Chain, planet mining, discovery, space flights. The next step will be the internal marketplace and our own VR functionality similar to Sandbox.

Tell us about your team. Who’re the people behind the screens?

We have a small, but very solid team

It is me, Evgeniy, CEO of the project. I have 20y experience in IT and business development.

Andriy, CTO, 15y on IT lead and CTO positions

Also, we have 2 full-time designers, 1 frontend developer, and 2 community managers.

The team is fully public, you can find our profiles in the whitepaper. Also, we passed the team KYC audit by

Which partnerships have you engaged so far, and which ones are the most impactful?

We are proud of our partnership with SuperLauncher who will host our IDO. Also, we are partnering with, they took us in their ”1 million usd fuel” program. This is new a program for the most promising projects that will give us valuable resources and marketing support

Now on a more technical side of things, what are the coin metrics for $BYG, and how do these lead to a stable and balanced system?

The total supply for $BYG will be 1bln

500mln will be for Binance Chain as a base chain

Other 500mln will be reserved for new chains we will add later

Our internal marketplace will operate in $BYG, it will be project currency, so we expect constantly growing demand on our token, which will result in growth on planets price because all resource mining rewards will be in $BYG as well.

Full tokenomics you can find in our whitepaper.

Starting MCap on TGE will be 220K, to compare Etherland Mcap is 400x, Sandbox is 800x and Decentaland is 4000x. So we believe in huge growth potential of our project

94% of tokens will be locked on TGE

If people would like to follow you on your social media pages, visit your website or read your important documents like your white paper, what are the links they need to visit? Please list them below.







Thank you so much for your time! Do you have anything to add before we finish?

Thank you for the interview! We invite all to take a chance to win a whitelist slot in our private sale on SuperLauncher! Link to register:

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