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Quantamental “Magic”

Back in the 1990s when I was scoring big by finding the top performing names, people eventually started to think I’m manipulating the markets because “no one could get that lucky.”

By the year 2000, my sixth year of triple-digit percentage gains, it was evident there was a method to my madness.

I ended up in Chapter 1 of Kevin Marder’s book “Conversations with Top Traders.” Marder is a co-founder of

When I went to Geneva, Switzerland years later, no one believed such returns were possible. So I got my account audited by big-four auditor KPMG. Here is the link to the original document verifying my returns.

Flash forward to 2013. I bought coins such as XRP at an avg cost of 0.0035, DRK (which became DASH) at an avg cost of 1.87, among a couple of others back then which were long term holds.

Then in 2017, I managed to find the top performers in that cycle even after the mini-alt coin/ETH top in Jun-2017 after alt-coins scored 10 to 100-fold gains, the largest avg increase in the history of speculation. Naturally, the cryptomarket had to take a break, but NEO (Antshares at the time) was just about the only coin that checked all the boxes in Jun-2017 at that mini-top that was buyable.

I managed to finish 2018 up while the median cryptofund lost -46% according to big-four auditor PwC. I found the few coins that well outperform the rest of the market. This led to a familiar cry of, “He must be manipulating the market! No one is that lucky.”

Well, here we sit in 2020, and I’m expecting another cry of foul play. Fortunately, I’m getting PwC to audit all my crypto trades. I will then be one of the only long-term crypto traders with a fully audited account.

The graphic at the top of this piece was taken today, July 12, 2020. But I have numerous other screenshots taken on various days.

I tend to find the top-performing coins that have sufficient liquidity, but when one lags, I push that capital into either a new coin I like or into one of the ones I already own that offer another lower-risk entry point. Over time, capital is force-fed into the best performers.

I describe my process HERE.

TLDR: No such thing as easy money. The fundamental analysis is a full-time job connecting the dots, vetting articles, interviews, websites, discord/telegram/Reddit posts, and whitepapers. Most of what is posted are biased or just plain wrong. But it’s fun to figure out the odds of a cryptocurrency in question outperforming the 2000+ other coins.

Then I use my chart eye to find the lower-risk entry points in the coins I’m watching.

If you have any questions, please email me direct at



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