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Reasons Why Everyone Is Talking About Yield App

Yield App redefines banking through Decentralized Finance (DeFi). With Yield App, you can access the best investment opportunities, irrespective of your financial or technical knowledge. They strive hard to prove the potential of DeFi and make it accessible to the whole world.

Yield DeFi bridges the traditional and decentralized finance, by offering high-return investment funds that do not depend on unstable national currencies or predictions. Yield App is regulated & licensed; provides insured wallets, YLD utility tokens, and smart contract audits. The Yield platform ensures transparency as it uses blockchain technology.

YLD token

Yield DeFi has its own token called YLD. The YLD token can be traded on both centralized and decentralized exchanges. Currently, various exchanges like Bithumb Global, BitMax, and Uniswap allow the trading of YLD tokens.

Yield App also has a “swap” feature that allows its users to swap their stablecoin assets for YLD tokens. Swaps are limited to a maximum value within any 24-hour period. This variable limit can be seen on the Swap feature and it can be revised at any time.

The maximum supply of YLD tokens is 300 million. The circulating supply of YLD tokens is approximately 33.3 million. The token distribution of YLD is as follow:

  • 26 million tokens are distributed to investors.
  • 4 million to liquidity and marketing.
  • 2 million to company reserves and BitMax.
  • 1 million is stored for staking rewards.

How is Yield App Unique?

There are various reasons why you should start using Yield App:

  • Hold YLD to earn high returns

Yield DeFi allows its users to hold YLD tokens to increase returns from 12% up to 20% in YLD.

  • User-Friendly Interface

Yield allows its users to participate in DeFi and perform everything from depositing traditional currencies to off-ramping profits without the need to enter into a complex and risky web of exchanging and trading.

  • Transparent Reporting Model

Users will earn their interest on a daily basis. Yield DeFi operates in a transparent reporting model where the ‘Net Network Proceeds’ (NNP) will be shared with the community to offer users a minimum APY on their stablecoin assets.

  • Incentives for limited users

As mentioned earlier, YLD has a maximum supply of 300 million tokens and a circulating supply of 33.3 million tokens. Out of these tokens, if every user held YLD tokens in their, then only 15,000 users can hold 20,000 YLD that is required to access the highest reward tier.

YIELD Deposits and Withdrawals

Currently, Yield App allows its users to send stablecoins [USDT & USDC] or YLD tokens. The initial deposit amount is $100 and the minimum investment threshold for allocating assets is $100 as well. Yield is currently working on the fiat gateway and plans to release it in 2021.

Once the fiat gateway is launched users can deposit funds into the YIELD App account through bank transfer and debit cards. When the funds are deposited, users can either keep them in the wallet or invest them into one of YIELD App’s managed portfolios and earn daily income at a minimum rate of 12% APY updated daily to the user’s account.

When a user withdraws his/her funds into an external wallet, the Yield App charges an amount of $10/transaction. While Yield will not charge any fees for using their platform.

TL:DR That’s All You Need to Know

Yield App offers a high-return deposit account coupled with safe custody of user assets. The Yield App dashboard is intuitive where the users can manage all their investments in one account. Whether you are new to DeFi, new to crypto, a traditional investor, or simply looking to access alternative income-generating investments, Yield App is for everyone.



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