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Ripple Price Increase By 25%-30 Days Average of Tweets Mentioning XRP Increased By 152%

Whether Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), or Ripple (XRP), the crypto market hurries from lows to highs. Yesterday, the BTC price hit the $ 22,000 mark, increasing by almost 20% in one day. At the same time, Ripple reached 0.60 USD which is a growth of over 25%. Can the XRP price continue to rise?

Ripple (XRP) is one of the 24h winners.

Anyone who has invested in cryptocurrencies is looking forward to crypto prices.

Bitcoin has never been above the 23,000 US Dollar mark. And, XRP was able to make up good gains in the last 24 hours. After the price drop of XRP, which resulted from the Spark Token AirDrop, Now Ripple is one of the past 24 hours’ top winners.

XRP price bounced off the 0.45 US dollar support line and hurried towards the 0.60 USD.

The support line that held the XRP price at 0.45 US dollars was significant support. Those who have Ripple wonder if another price outbreak is possible.

For this purpose, we look at the opinion of Crypto analysts MagicPoopCannon.

He expects a strong Performance from XRP, provided that the overall market maintains its Momentum.

His opinions on Twitter were as follows.

XRP was the only top 10 cryptocurrencies with a negative Performance in the last seven days. While this may sound negative, But we saw a very healthy rally to 0.558, this strong demonstration may lead us to 0.90 USD. Ripple could explode further if the overall market continues to rise.

Now one must first note that the statement has an “if condition.”

An increase in an asset price with an increase in the overall market is self-evident. But if you buy a cryptocurrency that does not rise when the overall market grows, you have probably made the wrong choice.

The decisive question is whether Ripple can outperform the overall market. If this is true, Ripple Investors have made the right choice.

Investors can likely expect a further price increase of Ripple if Bitcoin can maintain its Momentum.

Overall interest and demand for Ripple have increased significantly within the Spark Token AirDrop. The following data from crypto broker eToro shows, the 30-day average of Tweets mentioning XRP increased by 152%.

📈 The 30 day average number of Twitter users talking about $XRP on a daily basis has grown from 1,622 to 4,084 since November, an increase of 152%. (Powered by @TheTIEIO).

- eToro US (@eToroUS) December 14, 2020

Originally published at on December 18, 2020.



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