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Six Ways To Mine Bitcoin For Free

By Andrey Costello on ALTCOIN MAGAZINE

Bitcoin mining is not only about noisy and hot equipment. These cryptocurrency enthusiasts found their way to earn BTC in a most unusual way.

Bitcoin can be mined even using human body heat. There are more ways to earn cryptocurrency for free.

The main problem of mining digital currencies is the excessive use of electricity. About 33 terawatts of electricity had to be spent in 2017 to mine Bitcoin. And this is many times more than the whole energy expenditure in several individual countries. Then, how to mine Bitcoin without high costs? There is an answer to this question, and not just one, but six at once.

Crypto Mining In Tesla

A user from the Facebook group Tesla Owners Worldwide said that he is mining cryptocurrency by connecting to the outlet at the Tesla gas station. The company offers owners of electric vehicles to recharge for free at branded charging stations.

Miner assured that he created a compact mining farm directly in the trunk of the car. He leaves the car charging for the whole night to mine crypto. But not everyone believed his stories. Skeptics say that if you leave the car with a working mining rig for the night, there will be an incredible temperature in the trunk next morning.

Siberian Mining

Another car miner was found in Novosibirsk. Vladislav Barashenkov assembled a farm powered by a generator. He published the assembly process on his own Youtube channel “Garage 54”, where he usually demonstrates various experiments with cars. A video blogger connected the farm to a car generator through a voltage inverter. But due to the small capacity, the profitability of the mining farm is small — an average of $ 6.4 per day.

Mining With Human Bodies

The Hague Institute of Aging learned to mine using human body heat. Scientists have come up with a special suit for free Bitcoin mining in 2019. The invention is still in its test phase so it cannot yet be used by an average customer. The creators say that the project has become more of an art installation than a way of earning.

Over the 212 hours of the experiment, 37 people collected a total of 127,210 milliwatts of electricity and mined 16,954 coins of different cryptocurrencies. 80% of the earnings were divided between the participants in the experiment, and the rest was transferred to the institute.

Mining On Old Phones

You can mine using old mobile phones. There is a Bitcoin mining farm made from 40 old Galaxy S5. It runs on a new operating system that Samsung has developed specifically for this.

The developers who made this discovery say that eight Galaxy S5 can mine more efficiently than a standard desktop computer.

TV Mining

Another crypto enthusiast from Yekaterinburg, Yaroslav Shirshikov, proposed refitting the unfinished television tower in the city center in a giant mining farm. With an offer of free bitcoin mining in 2019 on his page on Facebook, the man turned to Russian President Vladimir Putin. Shishkov believes that if the tower is demolished, then shops, bars, and restaurants will be built there and such a scenario will not bring practical benefits. A mining farm will help Yekaterinburg become a world center of crypto mining.

Game Mining

There is another way to mine using a cell phone, but it’s illegal. Cybercriminals mine cryptocurrency using viruses in mobile games. For this, special software is provided. When the game starts, it gets the Magi cryptocurrency for the game developer and rewards the user with game currency for this. The user launches the program of his own free will, therefore, it is not considered harmful, but the person does not always realize that the miner program makes the smartphone run to wear.

It is worth noting that an average miner can earn a significant amount of cryptocurrency only with high priced equipment and low electricity costs. But there is a catch — not every miner has enough money or skills to start his own mining business. Luckily, this matter can be entrusted to specialists who are engaged in mining Bitcoin on professional equipment. Buy a Bitcoin mining contract at and start earning cryptocurrency today!



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