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Special Moments At The Litecoin Summit 2019 — Highlight

By MamaeCrypto Michelle M. on ALTCOIN MAGAZINE

Attending and volunteering at the Litecoin Summit 2019 was certainly the highlight of the year for me. At least so far! I had a blast from set up to break down. I want to first thank the Litecoin Foundation for organizing this great gathering. A conference of inspiring minds molding the future of open-source technology. Doing so by exchanging ideas, concepts and creating incredible collaborations. The show must go on and I cannot wait for next year.

2019 The Speakers

In my opinion, the Litecoin Foundation featured an incredible round of speakers this year. The highlights for me were the speeches given by Ron Paul, Former Texas Congressman as well as Caitlin Long, Governor Appointee Wyoming Blockchain Taskforce. Their presentations were vibrant, quite resourceful and positive. They gave me hope knowing that the crypto community can count on their support.

I also enjoyed many other speakers that were present in the event. It was great to see Charlie Lee explain a bit more about the direction Litecoin development is taking with the implementation of Mimblee Wimble. Especially his focus on the OPT-In side chain. I also enjoyed the rebranding of the Loaf Wallet into Lite Wallet and applaud Kerry Washington for volunteering with development and Robbie Coleman from The Tokens for the nice and clean design.

There are a lot of other great speakers that I did not get a chance to watch during the actual event. Glad that the Litecoin Foundation Live streamed the complete event so we can always go back and watch or rewatch our favorite ones. To find it click here

The Booths And Sponsors

It was really amazing the variety of apps, products, media, and resources that are being developed and created evolving around Crypto. QR codes, Hardware Wallets, Fashion, Games, Art, Media are some of the common items you will see at the conference. People downloading and trying applications, people exchanging goods using cryptocurrencies, people talking to each other about ideas and about implementation. It is all happening outside the speaking room where people are eager to talk and seeking interaction and connections. As I walk the room I notice lots of great people wanting to collaborate, to complement rather than compete.

The Friendships

What makes me most excited about the Litecoin Summit event are the friendships I made. All of us are there as one in a sense and no matter if you are just a regular gal like me or an amazing Athlete like Cris Cyborg or Tyler Adkison we all can relate when it comes to Litecoin and Bitcoin of course. It is a connection that we love to celebrate. And that is just what we did at the Litecoin Summit.


In so many ways that I felt supported in this event. The moment in which I shared my Litecoin Guide written in Portuguese with Charlie Lee’s mom was very special to me. And I felt really honored when she wanted a signed copy to keep for her personal collection.

I also brought with me to the conference an art Piece that I created for the Birthday celebration contest. I wanted to celebrate the forum and take pictures with few people I admire while showcasing the importance of the Forum in the early years of Bitcoin. The contest ends on November 22nd, 2019 and if you do get a chance to stop by for the celebration and help vote for me with merits. Who knows… maybe your help will give me that extra push! Thank you in advance.

In Conclusion

It was truly a fantastic experience for me to be able to attend and volunteer at the Litecoin Summit 2019 in Las Vegas. Lovely to see the event double its size from the first year into the second. Cannot wait for Litecoin Summit 2020. Hope to see you there!

All my best,


By: Michelle Mafra (MamãeCrypto)

Youtube: @Mamaecrypto

Twitter: @Miximports

Facebook: @Mamaecrypto

Medium: @Mamaecrypto

Steemit: @Mamaecrypto

Creary: @Mix




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