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Spectacular $10M Criminal Case in Monero Takes a Surprising Turn

Eighteen months ago, millionaire Tom Hagen’s wife was allegedly kidnapped and the perpetrators ransomed $10 million to Monero (XMR). But the investigators now believe that it was really very different.

One of Norway’s most eye-catching crimes has taken an unexpected turn, Reuters reported on Tuesday. In October 2018, Anne-Elisabeth Hagen, the wife of the entrepreneur and millionaire Tom Hagen, was apparently kidnapped.

At the time, the perpetrators allegedly demanded a ransom of around $10 million in the form of the cryptocurrency Monero (XMR). This is included in the privacy coins, so it protects the anonymity of its users particularly well, especially in comparison with Bitcoin (BTC).

However, the police now assume that the story of the ransom note was nothing more than a deception by the husband. Tom Hagen himself was arrested and is now suspected of murder. According to Reuters, the police said at a press conference:

After now 18 months of investigation, police have come to a point where it has reason to suspect Tom Hagen of murder or conspiracy for murder.”

“There was no kidnapping, no real negotiating counterpart or real negotiations. There are indications of a will to sidetrack (investigators).”

The suspect denies the allegations. Today he is supposed to appear in court.

Author: Marko Vidrih

Featured image credit: Pixabay



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