Stablecoin Patent — System for Maintaining Account Valuation (Priority: July 15, 2014. US 10,121,126 B2)

By Eric Lamison-White on The Capital

Patent number 10121126 is readable here


Live view of existing value being traded for bitcoin, by currency. Source:
Comparisons. MakerDao DAI collateralizes digital assets, some are native, requires community votes to increase issuance & self perpetuate.


  • Spot & Derivatives
  • Delta Hedging
  • Cross Margining
  • Infinite divisibility

Spot & Derivatives

Delta Hedging

Delta Hedging illustration from

Cross Margining

Infinite Divisibility

User Experience

Square’s “Cash” mobile app, featuring its Bitcoin custodial features. For illustrative purposes.



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Eric Lamison-White

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