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T1Markets Review 2021: Reach New Highs and Hit Your Trading Goals

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Jul 23 · 7 min read

Arguably, forex trading is one of the most popular investment opportunities globally. Now more than ever, several individuals irrespective of their backgrounds can invest using some of the best brokers around. Still, this doesn’t come easy as finding a broker that can offer accuracy and security can be somewhat tricky.

T1Markets is a Cyprus-based forex broker that offers multiple services across Europe. In this review, we will cover everything you need to know about this platform, so you can make better-informed decisions on your investment.

Essentially, T1Markets is a derivatives exchange, built on MetaTrader-4. It allows you to trade indices, stocks, cryptocurrencies, contact for difference (CFD), and forex. It is a relatively new entrant in this space. However, its approach has made it popular within a short time frame.

Overall, the service focuses on offering a high-quality contemporary platform with thousands of tradable markets while giving users unparalleled exclusive trading ideas. Since T1Markets is regulated by a tier-1 regulator, Cyprus Security, and Exchange Commission (CYSEC), clients are assured of strength and security.

  • Account types

Primarily, this broker offers three trading accounts — the platinum account, the gold account, and the silver account. The silver account is the best fit for forex traders who love playing it safe and are always careful of losing a sizable amount of money while trading. The silver account features zero commission on deposits with leverage of as high as 1:200 and spreads which begins from 0.07.

On the other hand, for the gold account, while users also enjoy zero commission fees, this option also provides them with a spread of as low as 0.05 and more significant leverage of 1:400. Lastly, platinum is the best fit for users who intend to trade with high leverage. You can access up to 1:500 using this account.

However, ensure that you are aware of the intricacies, risks, and everything involved in leverage. Usually, it can be somewhat risky especially as a beginner that is just navigating the market landscape. Leverage is often considered only fit for professionals; thus, if you delve into it without sufficient experience as a beginner, you may need up losing more them your trading term.

  • Islamic account

One thing that makes this platform a standout is its efforts to be as inclusive as possible. While many may believe the t1market is primarily created for European traders, the trading opportunity surpasses that. Investors can create an Islamic trading account, also called the Swap-free account. This option is the best fit for anyone who wants to trade but also intends to uphold their Quranic believes by obeying the sharia law. This law forbids every form of interest, and as such, anyone of this belief cannot earn or pay interests when trading.

  • Professional account

T1Markets also offers investors an option to trade using professional tools, with the professional trading account. Updating any of your accounts to a pro account will open you to multiple benefits that others might not be able to access. Besides, the leverage becomes more sizable and you’ll get to access multiple trading tools that will facilitate your safety while maintaining optimum profitability.

T1Markets features numerous trading instruments. Although this platform is a relatively new entrant in the trading ecosystem, it has definitely announced itself with the range of tradable markets it offers. You can trade anything ranging from forex to every major asset group. This section covers a brief overview of the markets you can trade on t1market

  • Crypto trading

This is where T1Markets stands out. This platform features over 30 crypto markets, positioning it as a natural go-to for traders seeking to access a vast range of markets in the digital currency ecosystem.

Especially in the past few years, cryptocurrencies kept gaining traction globally. Hence, almost every trading platform is striving to integrate them into their tradable markets. With T1Markets, you can trade crypto assets without the need to purchase them directly. This option is the best and consequently, common among individuals looking to acquire a significant sum of money within a shorter time frame.

  • Stocks

Besides crypto, stock trading is another widely known tradable market around. With T1Markets, you can trade stocks of prominent companies such as Sony, Apple, and more. With options to diversity your portfolio and leverage of 1:10, T1Markets makes this option available for everyone on the market. There are over 45 stocks available in a user-friendly CFD format

  • FX trading

Here, you can trade with over 45 currency pairs and everything ranging from exotic to major currency pairs. Leverage on FX trading relies on the type of account you use. Nonetheless, generally, it can be as high as 1:500. You also get to access multiple analytic tools for forex trading, which makes your trading experience seamless and easier, especially as a beginner who is just getting started in the ecosystem.

  • Commodities trading

T1Markets features over 20 markets, which include oil and soft commodities with a leverage of 1:125. Commodity trading is arguably one of the oldest around, with two primary commodity types: soft and hard commodities.

  • Precious metals

This is a great option for long-term investments. T1Markets provides the option to trade over 20 metals in the market, including CFDs, in platinum, silver, or gold with leverage of 1:125.

  • Indices trading

You get to access more than 20 major indices globally from Nasdaq 100 to ASX100 and many more. This is a great option for anyone who intends to diversify their portfolio.

T1Markets offers users both browser-based and desktop downloadable versions of MetaTrader-4 (MT-4). MT4 is arguably the most widely known retail trading platform globally. Irrespective of the option you choose, you can just log in and access the market.

Its flagship MT-4 web version, WebTrader, features multiple gadgets and functionality as available on the desktop version. By default, the MetaTrader-4 features over 30 technical indicators that include moving averages and Fibonacci retracement. Essentially, it’s a platform designed primarily to offer you optimal analysis of the current conditions surrounding the trading ecosystem.

MT4 has been well known for many years due to its super-attractive graphics and range of tested and trusted trading tools. Besides, it also features multiple instruments to locate trade exits and entry points. The execution interface and attention to UX are commendable and reliable coupled with its adaptability.

Using its trading platform, you also get to access price alerts in-platform, real-time balance levels, numerous charts for asset comparison, and regular trading condition updates.

In sum, it has several analytics and tools that can help you make better-informed decisions as a trader. With this, any trader can access big markets with multiple trading assets available to investors globally.

There are several learning materials available for both advanced, intermediate, and beginner levels of trader. This focuses mainly on trading and trade ideas, and “how-tos” all available in the VOD section. Besides, the materials also extend to tutorials, ebooks, webinars, etc. These are all great ways to support traders.

In addition, it features a signal center software package in which users can access the trading signal section right on the learning homepage. This will help you monitor alterations in the market and with the insights, helo you predict a direction it’s likely to move next. The most exciting this is — it is free! Besides, it also has filters to help you limit data to your preference with professional guidance and insights into the market you are looking to trade.

The fee structure is unambiguous and clearly indicated in the Terms and conditions. The three available accounts all have their terms indicated, so you can easily compare them. Compared to other brokers, its spreads’ headline rate, starting from 0.03pip will guarantee a positive outcome. The pro account has even more catchy terms.

T1Markets utilizes variable spreads, which helps it offer its users a tighter speed as the market condition permits

Our review of this broker suggests that investors across Europe can trust it. It has strived to establish an unbiased environment for traders irrespective of their levels and complying with the CySEC regulatory framework, it positions itself as a safe place for traders to trade. Besides, T1Markets also obey several other guidelines just to ensure a seamless experience for users. Investors can access several instruments that arms them with the ability to trade whatever they like.

T1Markets is a relatively new entrant in the trading ecosystem, and it is fast positioning itself as a heavyweight in the space. This is evident from the multiple neat innovative features and seamless user experience with contemporary and sophisticated software tools. Nonetheless, there are some areas of these services that require an update as the project progresses.

The range of research and learning materials makes it straightforward and accessible for beginners. Advanced traders also have a vast range of tradable markets with customizable signal centers. The regulatory framework is as good as the standard indicates. All of these suggest that the t1market is here to stay.

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