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Take Advantage of TradingView for Stock, Forex, and Cryptocurrency

By Tyler Rong on The Capital

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TradingView is an amazing website that helps ANY trader whether you’re a beginner or a professional. This website offers a lot of features as long as you make a free account to sign in with. There are different levels of subscriptions which you can pay for giving you more features, but the basic free subscription should be fine for the average trader.

TradingView offers charts in stocks, forex, and cryptocurrency. No other platform has this. The UI is extremely clean and is very beginner-friendly. This is a great platform to have all the information you need in one place where you can easily switch around if you need.

TradingView is also connected to StockTwits so if you’re looking at a specific stock, recent information from StockTwits will also be displayed. This I find is a really cool feature where the information could be potentially really helpful.

There are also authors that write stories on current markets where you will be able to view them on the front page. They have also recently added a “Streams” feature which is in beta and users can view live streams from different people.

If you’re ever getting started in any of those markets, TradingView is a must. It will help you around with the basics especially if you’re learning from a mentor. You should also take advantage of their papertrading feature, which is basically where you trade fake money. Whether that is for practice or tests.



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