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Tezos Developers Are Planning To Implement Zcash Privacy Features

Tezos Developers are planning a network update called Edo. The implementation of the Zcash Sapling library will allow you to hide transactions of Tezos blockchain.

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According to the statement, Tezos developers Nomadic Labs, Marigold, and Meta state have submitted several proposals for Edo’s next network update. The update will bring privacy features and other improvements.

“No other major smart contract platform yet supports these features, but we can add these tools directly to the blockchain.”

In mid-November, Tezos developers successfully activated the Delphi update, which significantly reduced fees for smart contracts. With this step, Tezos hopes to attract many Defi projects.

“We have worked hard, on the core Tezos software and made significant improvements that we want to share with users of the network,” The developers said.

Edo’s first new feature will be the implementation of the Sapling library, initially developed by Electric Coin Company for the Zcash blockchain. As with Zcash, Sapling allows you to hide transactions. Tezos developers will be able to integrate this feature into their smart contracts and applications that value privacy.

The second addition to Edo will be the ticket system. According to the developers, this is a convenient mechanism for smart contracts to grant portable permissions to other smart contracts or to issue tokens.

According to the statement, although similar functionality can be achieved using existing methods, tickets should significantly simplify the process for third-party developers.

Edo also introduces the “fifth period,” which will simplify the deployment of updates in the future. It now takes about 60 seconds to launch new versions of the Protocol after voting is complete, making it difficult for some Tezos users to update their nodes smoothly. To fix this problem, Tezos developers suggested extending the update period so that users have more time to prepare.

Under the new system, instead of four periods of eight cycles during voting, we propose to use five periods of five cycles. The “fifth period” will be five cycles between the adoption of the new Protocol and the time of its launch, which, in our opinion, will help ensure a smooth transition between the protocols. The developers told.

Also, the Edo offer contains several minor bug fixes to improve performance further and reduce gas costs.

Mark is 27, holds a Master in Business Administration degree and works as a content Creator at TheCryptoBasic mostly on Crypto Market Updates. Since 2014 he has been active in the crypto sector. Thanks to the Business College in which other than Business subjects, he was taught about the disruptive potential of Blockchain. His interests include Blockchain technology and Crypto Market innovations. He also founded a small startup in which he gives lectures on cryptocurrencies.

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