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The technical analysis has given rise to the knowledge of signals and indicators that have aroused the curiosity of those involved in both the financial niche and the programming of applications. Thus, automated trading was born, a solution to enhance results while reducing the time spent analysing each investment. In the cryptocurrency market, Bitcoin Robots have become extremely popular and some promise massive profits in no time. Discover here our selection of the best bitcoin robots that allow you to automate your trading operations in 2020, as well as a variety of practical tips to improve your profits.

Summary of The Best bitcoin trading bot in 2020 and more about automatic trading

Automating trading operations is not a new thing. In fact, the first vestiges of algorithmic programming date back to 1949. However, the evolution of computer systems and programming languages ​​means that today there are much sharper and faster tools for detecting and executing a specific investment order.

Some cryptocurrency robots have gained enormous popularity in the sector recently. Bitcoin Future, Bitcoin Circuit, Bitcoin Revolution, and Bitcoin Blueprint stand out. According to the data reported by these tools, their powerful algorithms are capable of generating much greater benefits than manual trading, especially for users with less experience.

Bitcoin Future: A customisable robot

Compared to competitors, Bitcoin Future offers the advantage of being highly customizable, making it an attractive tool for those traders looking to clearly define their strategies. The registration process is extremely simple, and the Bitcoin Future interface is intuitive, allowing users to start using the robot soon after registering:

Bitcoin Future provides accurate signals on several cryptocurrency pairs. On the dashboard, the user can see different trading ideas and act on them with just one click. Each of these signals includes 4 indicators: the currency pair in question (eg BTCUSD), probability of success, opening rate, and position type. By connecting with brokers using futures or CFDs on cryptocurrencies, the robot is able to open both long and short positions, creating the possibility to win regardless of the current price direction. This allows you to take advantage of both bullish and bearish seasons.

The user also accesses a fully customizable panel, where they can choose the assets in which they want to invest. In addition to these actions on signals, automatic operations can also be activated. However, manual operations on signals are a better option to test and manage risks at the beginning.

Finally, another remarkable and unique feature of Bitcoin Future is the fact that it incorporates a historical graph. It may not be enough for an accurate technical analysis, but it gives an overview of price-performance within different time frames.

Bitcoin Circuit: Multiple investment options

In order to open and close trades, a cryptocurrency robot connects to the Application Programming Interface (API) of an investment platform, usually brokers. This is where Bitcoin Circuit stands out. Many of these automated trading tools have the uniqueness of not finding suitable investment platforms for certain regions. After several tests, we have found that Bitcoin Circuit is able to quickly connect users to the most appropriate investment platform based on their location.

Thus, the range of options to buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is opened regardless of your geographical location. Likewise, the tool allows trading with different currency pairs not only in the cryptocurrency market but in other interesting categories such as Forex. However, the algorithm is better suited for the behaviour of Bitcoin and other similar altcoins.

Bitcoin Revolution’s popularity makes it a great potential candidate

Bitcoin Revolution has gained enormous popularity in the last year, making it an option to consider. The robot promises a fairly high success rate and, although this cannot be guaranteed, the feedback received by this tool has been remarkable. Regarding its unique aspects, Bitcoin Revolution allows manual operation with ease and also provides a robust algorithm for automatic operations.

With a configuration appropriate to the risk profile of each user, it can be an option with excellent potential. Another advantage is that the brokers that you connect to usually require relatively small minimum deposits, around $250.

Although it claims to make profits of up to $1,100 per day, it is important to view this figure with caution and to set realistic expectations at the beginning, testing the tool and starting with the minimum investment to ensure that the Bitcoin Revolution has the most optimal adjustments according to your expectations.

Bitcoin Blueprint: Positive User Experience

We close the list with Bitcoin Blueprint, which has opted for a much more modern interface and is one of the best organized and visually pleasing robots. The start-up process is likely one of the simplest on the market. More experienced users will appreciate the inclusion of a “signal wall” where they will find suggestions launched by the Bitcoin Blueprint smart algorithm.

Likewise, those most involved in the technical analysis will be able to compare these signals with the TradingView data, the graphs of which have been incorporated into this robot’s graphical user interface (GUI).

Tips when Investing with a bitcoin trading bot

  • It is important to verify information about the investment providers that connect to the robot since that is where your money will be housed.
  • The capacity of these tools usually exceeds that of a trader who opens manual operations and has little experience. However, it is important to set realistic expectations for your earnings and understand that the tools will work best if they are tailored to each user’s risk profile and expectations.
  • It is advisable not to leave everything to chance, especially at the beginning, being careful to activate automatic trading for limited periods of time to evaluate results and redefine and refine strategies.
  • Although no robot is capable of guaranteeing a success rate, the volatility of the cryptocurrency market allows expanding the possibilities of generating profits in shorter periods of time. In the 2017 boom, many cryptocurrencies accumulated profits of more than 1000%, figures that seem only possible in this digital world.

Note that increasing the potential for profit also increases risk. Thus, it is always advisable to have adequate risk management, even when operating with an automatic trading tool.



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