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The Birth of Crypto and The Death of Emotion in Finance

We’ve all seen the hype surrounding blockchain technology nowadays, but very few actually understand the reasoning behind the hype, and even fewer understand the terminology at all.

Soon that will change. It’s very interesting being delved deep into the crypto community and learning as much as I possibly can about blockchain technology to the point where my eyes start to water from the hours on end spent exploring around the knowledge constantly being pumped out by other enthusiasts.

I constantly think about the difference in perception that exists from someone who is just so captivated by this technology, every second of each waking day is spent learning without getting paid to do so, and the person that has of course heard these terms around by now, but honestly has no idea why people are so interested in it.

Which isn’t a bad thing, it’s just very interesting watching something so monumental unfold before your eyes and kind of waiting to see the expression on people’s faces when it finally explodes into undeniability. It took me a while to actually grasp just a portion of the concepts that lie in this technology and the vast potential that exists within it.

We are witnessing the birth of A.I. most especially in the form related to Skynet. It’s very difficult to see, even when trying to constantly be right in the center of all the action. But one of the synonymous terms that go along with blockchain is decentralization. Being in the crypto community, I’m sure there’s people that can relate, I’ve become kind of snobby when it comes to what I expect and what I choose to tinker around with. The main thing I look at is Decentralization. Is it a decentralized exchange (DEX) or centralized, owned and ran by a physical entity (CEX, ex. Coinbase)? Do I really own and am in control or am I handing that trust over to someone else?

I’m lucky that there are even enough options now, that have exploded over just the past 6 months alone, that I can choose mostly decentralized options to get involved with that are capable of doing the exact same thing, if not more sometimes, than its counterpart. Of course, currently there are a few drawbacks, but those are quickly getting vetted out.

I will never forget when I learned about Exponential Growth and its application regarding technology. It intrigued me to the core, and it’s dizzying to see the application of it today. Especially when comparing it to a similar time this happened, when I was 11 and built my first computer, started making websites, and witnessed the growth during that time.

But that was the beginning, and this is now, stacked upon those decades of learning, creating, evolving. It’s like lighting a fire cracker and watch it go off, and then lighting a stick of dynamite 20 years later. The same sensations begin to return of watching the explosion, except it’s undeniably more powerful.

The difference in power makes you think and really look into why it is so different and the impacts that it’s going to cause…


That’s the real end game that is going to be brought from all of this, I believe. Of course, a niche sort of freedom, financially. Not financial freedom in the sense of being able to live your life how you’d like, or any other thing one might think of when that term is used. But freedom in the sense of actually owning your assets and no other human entity being able to control or influence it’s stability unless directed by you (the admin of the wallet/account/etc.)

Blockchain technology offers us a chance to break away from the central banks and all of the corruption that may or may not be going on behind the scenes. Regardless, it opens up vast amounts of capital to the entire world. It allows the average person to take part in market making, and staking liquidity and receive the rewards base on percentages all coded and etched into cement by the means of a smart contract.

It opens up possibility of finance without the need for banks, ID cards, credit scores, human worthiness..

Cash is a resource, just like food, water, etc. It is a consumable that must be used by every single person on this planet to survive, without it.. Well, we all know what that’s like. Life is just much easier with money. That’s because money is a resource to provide and with a resource that provides, of course life will be easier. It’s like a ledger you keep in a way to store your food, or your belongings, that you have not yet bought.

With that resource finally being brought into an artificial intelligent (albeit not an extremely smart or advanced form of A.I. considering there are different types and layers of AI.) it finally allows the average person to access any capital that we put our trust into, and allow to dictate our lives. Which is a beautiful thing, if we can embrace this change and allow everything to take it’s course until we’ve finally vetted out all of the kinks. Which I think we are finally at the true beginnings of that time.

Freedom to own your finances truly and have more options to make your finances grow beyond any aspect we’ve ever seen. Being able to stake your coins and know that you will get a 216% APY is completely unheard of… Until now.

In blockchain technology, I don’t even look at something unless the APY is above 200% because it’s just not worth my time considering all of the other options that exist out there. It’s becoming laughable to me when I still see commercials for banks that offer a 0.2% APY over a 0.1% APY or even a “0.8% APY which is 8x the national average!” since corona virus hit. But that’s a joke anyway, the national average shouldn’t be 0.1% APY, and now it doesn’t have to be.

Welcome to the new age of finance, soon we will all see it’s benefits. It’s being adopted now so quickly that I am certain that there will be no denying it for any person in the world. Once we figure out how to make it more user friendly to send and receive crypto currency (user readable names, applying that to universal wallets, and name acquisition) that’s when we will truly open up decentralized banking to the masses, and that will be soon. The birth of an artificial intelligently coded matrix of smart contracts, and death to the human emotion that previously kept it in a tight knit corner of banking systems to profit for themselves.

Thank you for reading,

Sean Lindholm



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