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The Fourth Industrial Revolution: The Rise Of The Autonomous Economy

(Courtesy of The Nomads)
(Nobel Prize winning economist Paul Krugman was clearly wrong about the impact the Internet would have on society; source)
(Some of the major inventions of the First Industrial Revolution, made possible by the innovations of the steam engine; source)
(Railroad infrastructure in 1860 was far more advanced than just 30 years prior when there was almost no railroads in the U.S.; source)
(Breaking down some of the key differences between the First and Second Industrial Revolutions)
(The switch from digital to analog was rather quick since the year 2000)
(A simple loop of intelligence; source)
(It’s interesting to note how most of the biggest companies in the world revolve around teach and data, as opposed to resources just 10 years ago; source)
(The various types of sensors and actuators that exist; source)
(While it’s easy for humans to recognize all these pictures represent a tiger, machines using AI software have a harder time doing so. It requires exposure to a lot of data to master; source)
(Companies are increasingly realizing the importance of adopting AI technology; source)
(Network effects is possibly the biggest reason public blockchains will see mass adoption at some point in the future; source)
(An example of how smart contracts trigger automated actions within an economy; source)
(The API economy is vital to future technology)
(The functional connectivity offered by Chainlink)
(A graph showcasing technology growth in accordance with Moore’s Law; source)



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