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The Only Ethereum Post-Merge Update You Need to Know

Now that the Ethereum merge is complete, let’s look at the one thing you need to know about it.

Ethereum Merge Update

The switch from POW to POS means that the miners have been replaced by validators that have staked ETH. This big change in the tokenomics of ETH triggered a nearly 95% drop in the ETH issuance rate. Essentially, the reduction in Ether’s supply made Ethereum much more deflationary.

Other Articles on the Ethereum Merge.

The Merge: What It Means To Ethereum

The Ethereum Merge, which has been delayed for several years, is scheduled to take place in just a few days September 15–16. The Merge, also touted as Ethereum 2.0 or ETH 2.0, will most likely take place September 15–16. The widely-anticipated Merge is an upgrade from the current proof-of-work consensus to a more energy-efficient proof-of-stake consensus system.

So the Ethereum Merge is Done: What Happens Next?

Ethereum has been a significant force in the crypto industry since its launch in 2015. Today, around 3,000 decentralized applications reside on top of the Ethereum network, as per State of the Dapps.



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