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The Three Best Crypto Portfolio Management Applications

By Crypto Adventure on The Capital

Portfolio management has surged in popularity within the crypto market. Addressing the need for a convenient layer on top of exchanges, countless teams have been competing for the spotlight. Today, more applications than ever are available for cryptocurrency users to consider. Each app providing a unique way to address this growing market, there are 3 applications which stand out above all others.

In this article, the focus will be placed on those applications which enable trading. Instead of restricting the user to tracking functionality, these services have gone above and beyond to integrate the advanced infrastructure necessary for building a complete portfolio management solution. While there are countless applications which provide the ability to collect data on your portfolio, few allow trading.

Here are the 3 applications you should be using to manage your portfolio!

1. Shrimpy

Shrimpy is a free portfolio management application which supports 16 (and grow) exchanges. Shrimpy is considered the staple portfolio management service in the crypto space. There are no comparable tools which offer the level of engagement, tracking, and trading.

Originally built as a crypto portfolio rebalancing bot, Shrimpy has effortlessly grown into a powerful way to automate your portfolio through crypto indexing. Digital asset owners experience a new sense of freedom by managing their investments with this beautifully crafted application.

Shrimpy allows investors to construct powerful index funds which can track the market, trade based on custom allocations, or follow social leaders on the platform. Through simple passive management strategies, users can manage a diverse portfolio without ever executing a manual trade on an exchange.

Sign up for Shrimpy here.

Shrimpy — Cryptocurrency Portfolio Management


Shrimpy is free to use. The free version of the application includes the portfolio management features at no cost. The optional premium subscription provides extra value at the low cost of $8.99/month. Some of these extra features include:

  • Shrimpy Social: Follow leaders, discuss strategies, and evaluate the portfolios of other Shrimpy traders.
  • Shrimpy Insights: Dive into aggregated statistics to learn how other traders are constructing and automating their crypto portfolio.
  • Advanced Backtesting: The most robust historical backtesting tool for portfolio evaluation.

2. CoinStats

CoinStats is a leading crypto mobile application. Available on Web, Android, and IOS, traders can track price and portfolio performance across exchanges. The diverse platform support allows a seamless experience across devices.

CoinStats also provides extensive coin analytics and personalized industry news. This information can help traders make quick decisions on the market and adjust their portfolio. To provide trading functionality, CoinStats has also partnered with Shrimpy to integrate the Shrimpy Universal Crypto Trading API. This gives every CoinStats user direct access to Shrimpy’s industry-leading trading engine.

Integrate trading into your app using the APIs here.

With this integration, traders can swap assets in and out of their portfolio using the Quick Trade feature. Simply select the asset you want to sell, pick the asset you want to buy, and input the amount. The order will be routed within seconds to buy and sell the assets on the exchange.

Sign up for CoinStats here.

Cryptocurrency Prices | Crypto Portfolio Tracker | Coin Stats


CoinStats is free to use. Upgrading to a “PRO” subscription will allow you to access additional features at a small cost of $5 / month. Some of the features you receive for this cost include:

  • Portfolio Pro: Traders have no limit to the number of exchanges or wallets they can sync.
  • Auto Alerts: Asset alerts when the price of a coin jumps or falls 10%.
  • Order Fill Notifications: Get notified when orders are filled on the exchange.
  • More detailed Portfolio Analytics: Track deposits, withdrawals, and fees paid on an exchange.

3. Haasbot

HaasOnline is one of the oldest trading bot services focused on automated crypto trading. Instead of long-term strategies, HaasBot addresses the need for customizable trading strategies. These trading strategies are often designed for expert day traders who are comfortable tinkering with bots until they find optimal configurations.

Each trading bot offers a complete set of granular controls which can be configured with a wide range of trading indicators. In addition to these granular controls, Haasbot allows for multiple-exchange support, providing users with the ability to identify and execute on arbitrage opportunities.

Sign up for Haasbot here.

#1 Trust Bitcoin Trade Bot Platform — Automate your Trade Strategy Today!


Haasbot ranges in cost from $225-$640 / 3 months. The features you get for this premium service include:


These three applications have differentiated themselves from the pack by taking the foundation developed by other tracking applications and bringing trading functionality. Elevating the bar for what users expect from portfolio management apps, these services have pioneered a new standard.

During the next bull run, the market needs a new leap in innovation. A leap towards allowing additional control of your portfolio through trading access. This will only be possible if applications like the ones mentioned above boldly lead the way and implement trading solutions that make the lives of cryptocurrency users easier.

Visit each of these services to find the one that works best for your portfolio!

Originally published at on May 28, 2019.



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