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This Is Your Time To Make Generational Wealth

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With the current market in shambles, it seems like no one was prepared for this. With the most recent CPI report showing an inflation rate of over 8%, this sent markets flying down both stocks and crypto. In earlier news as well, we have seen the Crypto investing company Celsius halt transfers —

and an overall down-town in buyer sentiment in the general crypto market.

I/Now Is Not The Time To Start Investing Again

Although dollar cost averaging is never a bad idea, by the looks of the current economy, it does not seem like we have hit the eye of the storm just yet. With QTR 2’s GDP result coming out in July, that will determine if the US economy is in a recession. With still the potential of lots more red, you may be better off holding cash in the next 12–18 months before making a move on the market.

II/Now Is The Time To Create Cash Flow

In the next 12–18 months, this is your time to make money to have at hand to buy assets. You need cash flow and a lot of it.

III/Creating Generational Wealth

BUY ASSETS…when the time is right

This is your opportunity to buy assets and, from there, create your generational wealth. Do NOT miss out on this opportunity of a lifetime when the time comes after the 12–18 months of creating cash flow.

  • None of the information above is financial advice, please speak to a registered adviser before taking any action.



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