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Top 10 Podcasts About Cryptocurrencies And Blockchain

By Andrey Costello on ALTCOIN MAGAZINE

The list of top 10 best podcasts about Bitcoin, other cryptocurrencies, and decentralized technology.

As the Bitcoin podcast space becomes more crowded, landing your hands on the best ones is crucial and we are here to help with that.

Podcasts are one of the most convenient sources of information in the modern world. You can listen to them everywhere — in traffic jams on the way to work, in a comfortable chair with a cup of coffee or during a morning run. In recent years, the cryptocurrency industry has seen quite a lot of information resources about blockchain, decentralized technologies, and their investment potential.

Recently, the upcoming Facebook’s cryptocurrency, Libra, has made a lot of noise among the general public, who for the first time faced the notion of electronic currencies and Bitcoin., a Bitcoin cloud mining service, has compiled a list of the best educational podcasts that will help the average user to navigate the cryptocurrency industry, learn about the industry and predict market price dynamics.

Coingeek Conversations

The main feature of this podcast is the in-depth study of the latest trends in the development of decentralized technologies. CoinGeek’s Charles Miller sits down with some of the most famous people in the cryptocurrency industry. You can catch the weekly podcast on all the popular podcast platforms including Apple Podcasts, Overcast, Spotify, iHeart Radio and Castbox.


You don’t need anything more than a microphone to create a podcast. It’s a great help if you have charisma, knowledge, and understanding of the content. Laura Shin started her Unchained podcast while she was still a senior editor at Forbes. She now works at Unchained on full-time, releasing a new podcast every week. At Unchained, she knows what questions to ask and how to extract the most important information from her guests. This is great for beginners and advanced cryptocurrency users.

The Tocenomics Podcast

Today you can trade more than 3000 different digital assets on different cryptocurrency exchanges. The Tocenomics Podcast hosts will help you understand this diversity. The podcast is hosted by Jack Laskey and Zach Resnick from Unbounded Capital and dives deep into a crypto investment, development news for various decentralized projects (like Facebook’s Libra) and other industry trends. The show will be especially useful for beginners who are just planning to connect their lives with Bitcoin and altcoins.

The Bad Crypto Podcast

Travis Wright and Joel Kom have many years of experience in the technology world, but when they started the Bad Crypto podcast at the end of 2017, they admitted that they were still studying cryptocurrencies. Through interviews with experts, explanations and a lot of humor, they help thousands of people learn about Ethereum, ICO, etc. Listen to Bad Crypto during the morning cup of coffee and you will understand how to learn and enjoy it at the same time.

The Bitcoin Podcast Network

Why limit yourself to just one podcast when you can benefit from several cryptocurrency broadcasters at once? The Bitcoin Podcast Network has emerged as a single, regular podcast, but it has now become a network where at least eight different experts share their views, experiences, and analysis. Podcast authors: Jason Jenkins of Jenkins Risk Management, and guests range from investor Jack Tatar to DJs in Los Angeles discussing their participation in the cryptocurrency. When you mix music with digital money, you have a good podcast for a long trip home. Episodes can last more than ninety minutes.


Founded by Dallas-based venture capitalist Kanth Miriyala, the CryptoKnights podcast is one of a few shows that cater to both the crypto enthusiasts and the innovators. This podcast will answer a wide variety of questions, from general information about Bitcoin to the details of launching your own cryptocurrency startup. Miriyala has a team of five leading experts who discuss new trends in the industry and review the most anticipated events in the world of decentralized technology.

Coin Mastery

Coin Mastery is hosted by Carter Thomas. The podcast is focused on the hottest news of cryptocurrencies. In the process of discussion, the guests of the show often voice interesting points of view concerning this or that project. Special attention is paid to the investment potential of coins and their market movements. The podcast will be very interesting for both experienced and novice traders.

Bitstocks Podcast

The podcast is a media channel of Bitstocks, London’s first crypto market advisory firm. Craig Wright, Bitcoin entrepreneur Calvin Ayre, the Founding President of the Bitcoin Association Jimmy Nguyen, nChain CTO Steve Shadders and more.

The Bitcoin Knowledge Podcast

A show hosted by Trace Meyer, an investor, journalist, and monetary scientist. The presenter does not go too far into the subtleties of recent industry events, preferring to pay more attention to the overall picture and trends that have emerged in the field of decentralized technologies over the past few months.

Bitcoin and Beyond

Bitcoin and Beyond is a Youtube channel hosted by Connor Murray. The expert pays great attention to Bitcoin hardforks, in particular, Bitcoin SV. The show has included celebrities such as Craig Wright, Jimmy Nguyen, Alex Agut of HandCash, and Ryan X. Charles of Money Button.

Join the dynamic Bitcoin market with these educational podcasts, explore, predict and make money on Bitcoin cloud mining with You don’t even need to be an advanced cryptocurrency user, the platform available for Bitcoin earnings to everyone.



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