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Top 5 Best Crypto Forums to Discuss and Learn Cryptocurrencies

It’s strange, but forums have all but disappeared in recent years, don’t they? Reddit has replaced many forums, and it seems that message boards are becoming less and less popular as a method of communication. Surprisingly, the crypto community believes the opposite.

Many initiatives have acquired momentum simply by posting on very busy crypto forums. In addition, it is logical. Although Reddit or other social networking sites became popular, crypto groups were emerging in the early 2010s.

On the other hand, forums were never completely supplanted by a single social media behemoth and are still going strong today. Each forum on the list, for example, has more than 10,000 discussions, and that number grows daily. To get started, let’s say that.

1- (CryptoCompare Forum)

As a site for comparing various cryptocurrencies, tokens, and blockchain projects, CryptoCompare has grown in popularity. According to the news source, there is a forum for users to debate their favorite currencies, investments, and future projects that were just established by the platform. For this reason, you’ll have to use the project navigation to get what you’re looking for.

Thousands of people are ready to inform you about their future projects with promise, and you’ll discover discussions on any project in existence.

2- (

The world’s most well-known and active cryptography community. The founding father of the whole cryptographic community.

The role of cryptocurrency in government, politics, and the economy. There are over 500,000 topics with over 10 million posts in this huge community. You’ll be able to locate whatever you’re looking for. Cryptocurrencies include Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple. There’s even a section devoted to crypto-related discussions in over 15 different languages, including English.

Many blockchain engineers and entrepreneurs start their project promotion on Many businesses do not have a large advertising budget as a start-up, so they turn to forums to engage potential customers. Overall, it’s a very effective approach that has been shown repeatedly to be successful in the past.

3- (

There is a forum for as well. Over 1 million people read crypto news websites each month, making it an ideal venue for debating blockchain companies and other newsworthy issues in the crypto community.

This discussion board includes an investing area where you can discover making money via staking, mining, and trading, which is essential to keep in mind. There are over 50 sub-forums in all, putting this the most segmented forums on the internet.

4- (CryptocurrencyTalk)

There are a lot of active users on the CryptocurrencyTalk forum, which is also extremely well-known. Even though it’s not as popular as, it nevertheless has a thriving community. It has a clean look and is extremely intuitive to operate. As with, there are areas for bitcoin and altcoin-specific debate and general crypto-related discussion.

Videos, clubs, and links round out their content offerings outside the forum. Because certain aspects of cryptocurrency are more esoteric than others, the platform aspires to be a complete information source where you can debate any subject without feeling left out.

5- (Reddit)

Even while Reddit isn’t a forum, it provides the same function nevertheless. There are more than 50 crypto-specific subreddits, so it’s a wonderful place for those who want to be surrounded by others who share their passions. Several of them have over a million users, while others only have a few thousand very active members and are part of a close-knit community.

Beginner-friendly subreddits may be found alongside those devoted exclusively to a certain element of cryptocurrency. You’ll discover subreddits devoted to wallets, exchanges, and other topics while searching Reddit. There will be more and more crypto-related subreddits as the cryptocurrency community expands.


Forums are excellent resources for understanding cryptocurrency and spreading the word about your favorite projects in the space. These days, many businesses use forums, including, to advertise their blockchain businesses organically and at the grassroots level.

It’s very successful since it doesn’t seem to be sponsored advertising, yet everything is done on purpose. If you’re looking for a different method to gain momentum for your crypto business, use sites like Reddit,, and 4chan to conduct these organic, guerrilla marketing campaigns.



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