Top 5 Biggest Trends in Blockchain This Year

2019 was a roller coaster ride in the world of the blockchain. After such an exciting year, what can we expect next?

Web3 will be developed by open-source developers. But not for free

The OpenSSL Software Foundation, which transport protocols secure the connection between servers and clients and put that reassuring padlock in your browser bar, has a budget of less than $2000 in donations per year. Meanwhile, 78% of companies in the world use open-source software. The founder of Gitcoin Kevin Owocki states that the whole system is very fragile and can collapse at any time, as most open source projects are based on the developers themselves.

Regulators will monitor the blockchain industry more closely

Smart contracts are closely linked to blockchain and bitcoin. A smart contract is a code stored in the computing process used to automate business transactions. For companies that will seek to operate on a blockchain basis, this tool will become very important. They will be able to use it to increase productivity.

Tokenization everywhere

With the transition from ICO to STO, the ecosystem is beginning to attract more investments with regulated capital. This will have a positive impact on progress towards greater transparency across the decentralized technology industry. The next wave of financial products, such as derivatives and equity and debt securities, will be the method in which blockchain finally moves beyond payment settlement.

Blockchain will be connected with artificial intelligence

AI has become one of the most popular modern technologies. The basic AI algorithm forces computers to perform functions they are not programmed for.

Internet of things influence

According to International Data Corporation reports, 20% of all Internet of Things-based industries will be partially transferred to blockchain by 2019. Experts believe that together with the Internet of Things blockchain will be actively used in the field of automated insurance.



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