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Top 50 Leaders In Global Blockchain Community

Here is a list of 50 top names in Blockchain Technology, the architects behind this technological revolution.

There is no second-guessing the fact that Blockchain is the technology of the future. The journey of blockchain started with Bitcoin as a medium for cryptocurrency exchange. However, this technology has the potential to revolutionize other sectors as well. Recognizing that aspect, many industries are coming forward to implement and utilize blockchain in their line of work.

Leaders In Global Blockchain Community

2018 was a great year for blockchain as the technology got positive exposure across industries. Apart from cryptocurrency, the ones in the gaming sector, insurance, investment management, and supply chain has seen some relevant adoption of blockchain and the other corporates are lining up too. The ones who had already implemented the technology are starting to see good results, and overall things are looking quite positive in the blockchain domain.

Corporates And Countries Implementing Blockchain Technology

Over the years some of the big corporate names have implemented blockchain and set an example for others to follow. In 2017, JP Morgan used it in their Interbank Information Network which now includes more than 220 banks. Recently they have announced a strategic partnership with Microsoft. This will make JP Morgan’s Quorum the first distributed ledger platform that will be available through Azure Blockchain Service of Microsoft.

Another worthwhile example is that of UBS. It has led a group of banks to start Finality International. The role of this blockchain-powered entity is to keep track of the development of their utility settlement coin for cross border trades.

Besides the financial sector, Amazon followed in the footsteps of Microsoft and IBM by providing their blockchain as a service to be availed by the interested parties. On the other hand, Social networking giant Facebook made headlines with the launch announcement of their own global currency Libra.

Following this global corporate trend, more and more countries are becoming more accepting of the technology and some have even started implementing and developing blockchain strategies on various levels. Countries like Malta, Germany, the Nordics, Estonia have already shown us the way by creating functional and advanced blockchain ecosystems. With the Smart Dubai 2020 Blockchain Strategy, the middle east is also keeping up with their technological renovation. In the Asian belt, both the Indian and Chinese governments are exploring ways in which they can implement blockchain technology for their overall development.

With so much going on, it does seem right that we also acknowledge the architects behind the growth and development of the global blockchain ecosystem. So given under is a list of blockchain leaders who are doing relevant work in that sector.

Top 50 Global Blockchain Leaders In 2019

1. Dr. Abdalla Kablan

Country: Malta

Designation: Tech Entrepreneur and Digital Innovation Advisor, Founder, DELTA Summit, Associated with Malta Stock Exchange and Caledo

2. Roger Ver

Country: Japan

Designation: CEO,

3. Raj Chowdhury

Country: USA

Designation: Managing Director of HashCash Consultants

4. Hans Koning Tiim

Country: Hong Kong

Designation: Co-Founder and CEO of Vicarium

5. Ahmed Al-Balaghi

Country: UAE

Designation: Co-Founder and Co-Host of Encrypted

6. Aisha Bin Bishr

Country: UAE

Designation: Director, General of Smart Dubai Office

7. Rahul Pathak

Country: USA

Designation: Blockchain & AWS, Amazon

8. Akash Gaurav

Country: India

Designation: CEO of Auxesis Group

9. David Marcus

Country: USA

Designation: Blockchain Lead of Facebook

10. Edward Deng

Country: China

Designation: President, Huawei Cloud Global Market

11. Manana Samuseva

Country: Hong Kong

Designation: Founder & Partner, Women in Crypto Fund

12. Erica Kang

Country: South Korea

Designation: CEO & Founder, KryptoSeoul

13. Gaurang Torvekar

Country: Singapore

Designation: Co-Founder & CEO, Indorse

14. Emma Weston

Country: Australia

Designation: Co-Founder & CEO, AgriDigital

15. Rhian Lewis

Country: UK

Designation: Director, Salvia Media Services

16. Pascal Gauthier

Country: France

Designation: CEO, Ledger

17. Nina Nichols

Country: USA

Designation: Founder, Global Women in Blockchain

18. Preethi Kasireddy

Country: USA

Designation: Founder & CEO, TruStory

19. Taavi Roivas

Country: Estonia

Designation: Former Prime Minister, Estonia

20. Phu Styles

Country: USA

Designation: Founder, Women in Blockchain Foundation

21. Ada Jonuse

Country: Lithuania

Designation: CEO and Co-Founder of Lympo

22. Poramin Insom

Country: Thailand

Designation: Founder, Zcoin

23. Roman Gold

Country: Israel

Designation: Founding Partner, Israeli Blockchain Association

24. Marcella Atzori

Country: Italy

Designation: Board of Directors, Blockchain & Society Policy, Research Lab

25. Kamales Lardi

Country: Switzerland

Designation: President & Co-Founder, Women in Blockchain Switzerland

26. Ish Goel

Country: India

Designation: CEO, Somish

27. He Yi

Country: China

Designation: Co-Founder & CMO, Binance

28. Gokul Alex

Country: India

Designation: Associate Director, PwC

29. Emma Cui

Country: Singapore

Designation: Founding Partner & CEO, Longhash

30. Benjamin Dubois

Country: Switzerland

Designation: Blockchain Lead & Digital, Transformation Manager, Nestle

31. Aviya Arika

Country: Israel

Designation: Chief of Blockchain, AVIYA

32. Darren Wang

Country: Taiwan

Designation: Founder, OwlTing

33. Christine Moy

Country: USA

Designation: Blockchain Lead, JP Morgan

34. Ameer Rosic

Country: Canada

Designation: Co-Founder, Blockgeeks

35. Gary Spence

Country: UK

Designation: CEO, Yotta Laboratories

36. Amber Baldet

Country: USA

Designation: Founder & CEO,

37. Jeff Paik

Country: South Korea

Designation: Co-Founder, Deconomy

38. Jules Miller

Country: USA

Designation: Partner, IBM Blockchain Ventures

39. Junya Yamamoto

Country: Vietnam

Designation: Co-Founder & CEO, Infinity Blockchain Labs

40. Kaidi Ruusalepp

Country: Estonia

Designation: Founder & CEO, Funderbeam

41. Gen Matsuda

Country: Malaysia

Designation: CEO, OKWAVE

42. Joanna Hubbard

Country: UK

Designation: Co-Founder & CEO, Electron

43. Mariana Gomez de la Villa

Country: Netherlands

Designation: Program Director Distributed Ledger Technology, ING

44. Silvio Schembri

Country: Malta

Designation: Junior Minister for Financial Services, Digital Economy & Innovation, Government of Malta

45. Vishal Anand Kanvaty

Country: India

Designation: Founder, EzyRemit

46. Pandu Sastrowardoya

Country: Indonesia

Designation: Co-Owner, Blockchain Zoo

47. Oliver Naegele

Country: Germany

Designation: Founder, Blockchain Helix

48. Marta Piekarska

Country: USA

Designation: Director of Ecosystem, Hyperledger

49. Justin Wu

Country: USA

Designation: Co-Founder & Organizer, BlockchainNW

50. Kahina Van Dyke

Country: USA

Designation: SVP, Business & Corp Dev, Ripple


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