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Top Companies that Accept Cryptocurrencies as Form of Payment

Long before cryptocurrency had any overall market value or relevance, the notion would have been laughed at by large companies. As of the Covid-19 epidemic, international markets started to see the potential related to digital currency, which was previously deemed too volatile and out there to be recognized by any major corporate organization or enterprise.

The number of businesses accepting cryptocurrencies as official payment methods is expanding across various industries, from major to airlines. These firms let users pay for goods and services using cryptocurrencies.

The following are among the largest and most well-known businesses that use and accept cryptocurrencies.

1. Microsoft

Microsoft’s approval of Bitcoin transactions, as one of the world’s largest software companies, contributes significantly to establishing confidence with the use of cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies may be exchanged for credit for top user profiles and various services, most notably Xbox Live and Skype, which is not the only reason for the company’s interest in cryptocurrencies. Microsoft also introduced ION, a two-tiered identification tool blockchain-based. Rather than taking payment, the system produces digital IDs to verify online identities.

2. PayPal

Suppose somebody was going to sue Microsoft successfully. In that case, it’s only logical that the business that pioneered modern digital transactions would do so. PayPal customers in the United States may now purchase, trade, and hold a limited few cryptocurrencies, notably Litecoin, Ethereum, Btc cash, and Bitcoin. Additionally, the PayPal app will enable you to track cryptocurrency. The sole disadvantage is that funds cannot be withdrawn from the company’s digital wallet.

PayPal stated that customers in the United Kingdom may now trade Ether, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash using the company’s website or application.

PayPal has been silent on whether it wants to extend the service to more nations.

3. Overstock

Overstock is now the market leader in the retail and cryptocurrency industries. Overstock even accepts a variety of cryptocurrencies in addition to bitcoins.

Not only does Overstock take Bitcoin, but they also store it. These are the vendors who best service the bitcoin community! They are committed to the long term and are not only utilizing Bitcoin as a promotional tool.

Ensure that you select Bitcoin as your form of payment throughout the checkout process.

4. Starbucks

Starbucks originally upset the Bitcoin community by announcing that it will begin taking Bitcoin payouts in shops in 2019. Starbucks later stated that the allegations were inaccurate on several points. To begin with, they would not take Bitcoin directly. Rather than that, they would collaborate with futures exchange Bakkt. Secondly, no Bitcoin transactions would be permitted until the Bakkt app debuts in mid-2020.

5. Tesla

Tesla stated in February 2021 that it had acquired $1.5 billion in Bitcoins.

Additionally, it announced that digital money would be accepted for the purchase of its renowned electric automobiles.

And it did until May 13, 2021, when it reversed course.

And, while you cannot now purchase a Tesla with Bitcoin, Musk said on June 14, 2021, that he would reopen bitcoin purchases once Bitcoin mining is fueled by more than 50% renewable energy.

Therefore, hold on — all miners are leaving China, and renewable energy is gradually becoming a larger part of the Bitcoin mining scene.

6. Amazon

This year, it was reported that Amazon would collaborate with other internet behemoths, such as Facebook, to develop the foundation for its cryptocurrency. The e-commerce company does not yet accept cryptocurrency payments directly. However, you may acquire Amazon coupons via the cryptocurrency-only company Bitrefill. This website simplifies bitcoin living by turning Bitcoin to gift cards, phone refills, and other goods.

7. Coca-Cola

The beverage giant’s beverage firm and distributor has allowed bitcoin as a means of payment through a cooperation with the Centrapay platform. There are currently over 2,000 good prospects accepting bitcoin as payment for drinks in New Zealand & Australia.

8. Whole Foods

Whole Foods have collaborated with the Winklevoss twins’ Flexa spending app, dubbed ‘Spend.’ With the Spend application, you can easily purchase all of your whole meal goods using Btc, Ltc, or the Gemini dollar. However, the Spend application does not restrict you to entire meals.

Final Thoughts

These days, it seems as if cryptocurrency news is not too far from the front pages. The ability to purchase and sell cryptos is growing more widespread. However, there are still few places to spend virtual currency because of its volatility.

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