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TradedWell Review 2021: Choose Mobility, Enjoy Market Responsiveness

When choosing a forex broker, as a trader, the most rational thing is considering options that will guarantee safety and optimum profitability off your funds. However, there are numerous brokers in the market today and unfortunately, not every one of them is equally safe. Some give more ear to safety and as such, prioritize the security of funds while others concentrate more on their services.

TradedWell is one of the few platforms that works relentlessly to provide its clients with outstanding services while ensuring the security of their funds. In other words, TradedWell cares about your experience as well as your security and profitability.

In this review, we will examine the tiniest detail about TradedWell, so you can make a better-informed decision when choosing a broker for your trades. It will include reports from trading experiences and other prominent aspects you should be aware of before delving right into using this broker. With no further ado, let’s get right into it.

What is TradedWell?

Essentially, TradedWell is a legally certified brokerage firm offering financial investment services to various clients. This platform primarily aims to help clients stay afloat in the ever-competitive market by providing them with every technological requirement needed to maximize their profit. Founded in 2020, this broker has arguably established itself as a go-to for many traders. As a Forex and CFD broker, TradedWell is a Cyprus-based platform under the trade Global Ltd, with relevant regulations and authorization by CySEC.

Features and Options

TradedWell offers three primary types of accounts; Platinum, Gold, and silver accounts. Each account offers varying conditions with specific accesses to some services. The type of account you’ll possess relies on your capital, trading behavior, and deposits. On registering, an account executive will be assigned to you and you’ll receive a call from such individual offering to help you set up the account and help you with anything you need to ease your getting started. Besides, your account manager will also help you decide which account is the best fit for your capital and experience level.

As mentioned earlier, the three accounts are different from each other and are tailored to traders of different experiences. While beginners may prefer the features offered by the silver account, professional traders will enjoy the premium and gold counts. Besides, leverages on either option can move up to 1:30.

Suppose these options do not align with your objectives and profitability goals. In that case, TradedWell also has a professional account. However, not everyone can create a pro account. You must prove to the firm that you are an experienced trader and you are willing to invest a specified amount of money in a particular market. You can also access a demo account, which is the perfect way to get started in trading, particularly as a beginner.

Swaps and spreads vary depending on your account status. Once you have attained the platinum market, swaps and spreads will be tighter, higher, spreads could be the best fit for the silver account. The broker charges zero common fees both on deposits or while trading.

Using the demo account, TradedWell offers you a specific amount of virtual funds that you can trade with. While beginners may relish this option, professional and advanced traders can also take advantage of it. You can test out different strategies and see how the market responds to them.

In addition, if you open a live trading account, you can access leverage of up to 1:500. TradedWell also features various services for traders using a professional account. Besides the regular services, you can also access an excellent customer support representative, who is always there to attend to your needs at any time.

Besides these options, there is also an Islamic version for every one of those accounts TradedWell offers. One of the most important things in the trading ecosystem is making the service accessible and approachable for everyone in the trading ecosystem. Some people are restricted by religious beliefs, and as such, cannot participate in the market. However, thanks to the Islamic account, people under the sharia law and teachings of the Quran can participate in the market while following their beliefs.

Tradable Assets

When picking a forex broker, one of the most important things to consider is what it offers. TradedWell offers you access to a massive 250+ tradable assets. This signifies that you can always find something that aligns with your goals. Among the tradable assets, you can access well over 30 crypto assets, over 46 currency pairs as well as stocks of prominent companies, popular indices, and hand and soft commodities.

This platform also features a vast range of precious metals such as gold, silver, and more. Thus, you can easily make your trading experience a lot more fun by diversifying your portfolio. You can trade anything at any time from anywhere with just a few straightforward steps. All these can be carried out via CFDs trading.

The tradable assets extend to a vast range of international markets. This broker offers mouthwatering forex pairs with currencies such as the Singaporean dollar, S.A Rand, etc. There is also CFD offering on exotic crypto assets such as Swisscoin, Babel, Cardano, and the well-known ones such as Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum, and otherwise. It does all these with fast order execution, ensured by the SAS 70 authorized data centers.

The most catchy tradable asset is the cryptocurrency offering. With well over 30 CFD crypto assets, over the years, this broker has garnered the attention of numerous cryptocurrency enthusiasts. CFDs are handy to trade instruments. They provide you with the chance to earn significant profit without the need to even own any of those assets. Instead, you earn by simply speculating on potential price changes on the assets in the trading market.

Trading Platform

TradedWell trading platform is where every trader would definitely love to spend a significant chunk of their time. The trading platform primarily relies on the popular MT-4, MetaTrader-4, which offers accessibility both on smartphones, tablets, or on the web. The UX is unmatched. The platform features WebTradee, which is a browser-based trading platform. This an amazing platform for every form of trading. It offers various indicators and handy trading tools that make trading a more approachable task for traders and investors. Furthermore, it offers different types of charts, giving you the capability to trade your assets while analyzing the market right on a platform. Essentially, you dint have to download the trading platform, you can open it right on your preferred browser.

While reviewing TradedWell, it was discovered that the platform also has a special mobile app that traders can utilize for trading. The special versions of the app are available on both the App Store and play store for both iOS and Android users respectively. You can download it in a few minutes, depending on your connectivity, and it will offer you an opportunity to always stay connected with the market.

Deposits on TradedWell

After you’ve decided on the assets you want to trade and the possible approaches to trading them, then you can go ahead and make your first deposits. Depositing on TradedWell is somewhat straightforward. As mentioned earlier, there are no fees or commissions attached to the platform. Nonetheless, note that the minimum deposit requirement is 250USD, and without making this deposit, you cannot access the live trading account.

You can deposit using various options; using the traditional payment approaches such as debit cards, bank transfers, credit cards, or utilizing the contemporary payment methods like Neteller.

Are Your Funds Secure on TradedWell?

Security should be your primary focus when choosing a broker. You want to ensure your fund is in safe hands. With TradedWell, you can be assured of that. In fact, it is a regulated broker. While many individuals do not really pay attention to how significant regulations can be in trading, it is one of the essential factors that guarantee funds’ safety.

Trading with a regulated broker will give you more assurance than trading with an unregulated one. Reveal reasons are responsible for this. Firstly, as TradedWell is regulated by CySEC, it must fulfill and follow various standards. The regulatory framework mandates the broker to keep the client’s funds in segregated bank accounts. As such, this broker does this by partnering with top brokers across Europe. This denotes that your fund is safe at any time. If perhaps, the unexpected happens, or TradedWell is declared bankrupt, you can still get back your funds right from the segregated bank account.

Bottom Line

After reviewing this broker, its features, options, it is evident that TradedWell is a legit broker that will fit well with every trader and anyone looking to diversify their portfolio. It has some impressive and remarkable services and access to over 250 trading instruments alongside the outstanding educational section. Furthermore, TradedWell has received multiple honors and awards for offering such fantastic services in the financial market.

Considering this and several other reasons discussed in this review, if perhaps this broker aligns with your needs, then it won’t be a bad idea to give it a trial.

Disclaimer: This article is not intended to be a source of investment, financial, technical, tax, or legal advice. All of this content is for informational purposes only. Readers should do their own research. The Capital is not responsible, directly or indirectly, for any damage or loss caused or alleged to be caused by reliance on any information mentioned in this article.



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