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How to Use Discord to Promote an ICO Or Crypto

“As the value goes up, heads start to swivel and skeptics begin to soften. Starting a new currency is easy, anyone can do it. The trick is getting people to accept it, because it is their use that gives the “money” value.” — Adam B. Levine

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts and investors are spread all over the world. This is very much how cryptocurrency operating nodes are distributed around the globe.

What brings crypto communities together is their common interest and desire to see decentralized blockchain ledgers succeed. One discussion tends to be the use of Discord to promote an ICO or crypto.

The internet functions as the multiplier where new ideas are born and spread from one person to the next. It is no surprise that most crypto projects are launched through online kick-starters.

Crypto and Online Message Boards

Possibly the best place to find people interested in crypto is through online communities and message boards. Message sharing websites like Reddit and Telegram are quite popular with the crypto crowd.

Within a forum you will find active and dedicated groups of enthusiasts discussing the latest ICO or blockchain related news. You may find none better than by using Discord to promote an ICO or crypto

Message boards are the ideal place for businesses and tech companies who are looking to create the next big crypto platform. FinTech companies are actively using online forums and social media to promote their coins in advance of an ICO.

Companies that don’t promote their products on community forums risk overlooking potential investors

A messaging board that has rapidly gained popularity online is Discord. This is especially true of the gaming community.

In this blog, I will discuss how and why you should use Discord to promote an ICO or crypto.

Discord Features

Released in May 2015, Discord was designed for gaming communities to interact via text and audio channels. The underlying software on PCs definitely favors the gaming faction.

Discord offers low-latency, free voice-chat servers, screen sharing and an API that allows integrating Discord within games.

Numerous and useful features make the use of Discord to promote an ICO or crypto extremely efficient and quite effective. This superior platform is considered more secure than other choices you may have.

Discord uses 2FA which makes it most difficult to hack an account while also giving the experience a more “crypto feel.” Images are automatically scanned with the help of AI to block spam and malicious content.

Discord also includes built-in virus scanning of attachments.

An audit feature exists allowing the community to create channel logs of up to 90 days for various activities. The logs include records of changes to a channel, permissions, roles, invitation details, etc.

This enables you to keep a complete record of activity on a channel and assign roles to others thus improving channel moderation.

Discord To Promote An ICO Or Crypto

Advanced features and shared interests for gaming and cryptocurrency make Discord the go to platform for crypto enthusiasts.

A trend on Discord is the congregation of cryptocurrency groups that take advantage of the platform. It can be argued that Facebook and Telegram still host the majority of groups.

That said, sleek and user-friendly features on Discord make it more appealing for crypto lovers, mining operators, exchange traders and many others.

Popular crypto channels on Discord include Rules, FAQ, General News, ICO News, Mining Talk, Trading Trends and a plethora of other options.

‘KriptoCommunity’ is one such group that is looking to revolutionize crypto communication. Investors become further informed and more educated within communities such as this one.

There are over 5000 members in this group with more than 1000 active participants at any given time. Discussions include all things related to cryptocurrencies and offer a superior outlet to promote an ICO or Crypto.

Another popular crypto group on Discord is called ‘Crypto Technical Analysis’. The channel exists for crypto traders to offer analysis and forecasts on a multitude of Crypto coins. No better place to use Discord to promote an ICO or crypto.

Visuals are created by a minority yet experienced crypto traders. Everything is based on real time data analytics.

An active presence on Discord will also dramatically improve crypto name recognition. This leads to being increasingly popular within the investment community.

Further, there is the ‘Crypto-ICO’ channel. This channel updates new blockchain projects on a daily basis.

The community will test new platforms that have been released in testing mode. It’s a superior way to offer insight into whether an ICO or Crypto is worth investing in.

In the end, Discord is an exceptional venue to introduce and promote an ICO or crypto.

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