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Vauld: Highly Trusted Crypto Bank- Origin And Roadmap Ahead

Vauld is a crypto bank that caters to provide various banking solutions for crypto. They offer owning, lending, borrowing, trading, and spending of crypto. Users can manage their crypto holdings, lend and borrow, buy and sell, and swap cryptocurrencies. Vauld believes that cryptocurrencies are the best form of money as it is the most customer-centric form of money.

The Vauld team did deep research on why people use banks and what is the need of a crypto bank. They came up with three answers to it. One of the safest storage of money through bank accounts, easy payment through cards, UPI, and wire transfers, and if the capital is not used, then it will be a form of a system of credit.

It all means that Vauld is working as a crypto bank where users can lend, borrow, trade, and store their crypto assets. Users get the best possible interest rates on their crypto assets.

History of Vauld

Vauld was launched in the fourth quarter of 2018. It was previously known as the Bank of Hodlers (BoH). In the year 2019, the crypto bank came up with various features like lending and borrowing (P2P & Centralized Pool), major website revamps, instant token swap, enterprise API for wallets, Fiat rails in INR, and instant BUY & SELL in INR. In the year 2020, Vauld came up with enterprise APIs for INR FIAT rails, its android & IOS application, fiat and crypto exchange, Bank of Hodlers was renamed to Vauld, and institutional funding from LuneX. Vauld is looking to expand its reach in Europe, the U.S, and India.

Future Plans of Vauld

The crypto bank aims to introduce various features in its system. They are as follows:

  • Credit and Debit Cards for easy payments
  • FIAT rails in USD, GBP, EUR, SGD, and other major currencies.
  • Cross token payments
  • Cross border remittances
  • Bank accounts


To gain better support, Vauld raised $2 million in funds from Pantera, Coinbase Ventures, and CMT digital among others. It is the most customer-centric banking platform that enables its users to continue building the most financially rewarding crypto company.

Low Exchange Fees

Vauld has an easy exchange policy. Initially, the platform had 0.1% exchange fees. But now, it is reduced to 0.05%.

Referral Program

The Vauld Referral Program offers Start Sharing, Start Earning features. All you have to do is share the referral link with your friend when they perform an action on the application, you can receive the commission. You are eligible for 40% of the fees on each trade, 5% of the interest paid out on the assets, and 5% of the interest accrued on loans. Vauld provides human-centric customer support, users can contact their customer support anytime or ask the queries in their Telegram group. Vauld also provides a dedicated account manager for a $1,000 or more deposit. The account manager will help users to get the maximum possible interest rates and rewards.

You can also create campaigns and use kickback options. Their referral program is a lucrative one.

Final Word

With Vauld, you can manage your digital assets seamlessly. It allows every hodler to bank on the blockchain. The platform also offers a store of value, easy spending, capital growth, and easy exchange policies. If you’re someone looking for a smooth crypto journey, then Vauld is the best platform. Create an account on Vauld to start exploring the platform and join the referral program. You can join the Vauld telegram group to learn more about the platform and rewards.



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