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What is Doge Killer (LEASH)? Origin, Use Cases, and Prospects

Doge Killer (LEASH) is a token in the Shiba Inu ecosystem — that very meme cryptocurrency, the second most popular one after Dogecoin. Together with SHIB and BONE tokens, LEASH powers a thriving economy with a decentralized exchange, NFTs, and even a metaverse.

Let’s see what place Doge Killer takes in the Shiba Inu ecosystem. We will evaluate the token’s use cases and consider the LEASH price predictions.

What is Doge Killer (LEASH)?

A background

Doge Killer belongs to a huge cohort of dog-themed meme cryptocurrencies that have become extremely popular in 2021. The token’s name refers to Dogecoin — one of the first meme coins that was built just for fun but reached unprecedented highs in terms of market cap and media coverage. DOGE boasts an active community that discusses crypto, makes memes, donates to charity, and pumps the token. Dogecoin was promoted by Elon Musk, so the coin has become widely known outside of the crypto world.

Elon tweeted not only about Dogecoin itself — sometimes he wrote about dogs of the Shiba Inu breed and the puppy called Floki that he got as a pet. Given the strong love for memes that the crypto community has and the fact that it’s relatively easy to launch a smart contract, Elon’s activity sparked an emergence of a whole “dog family” of tokens on the Ethereum blockchain.

The most successful one is Shiba Inu — a meme coin that has even outperformed Dogecoin in terms of market capitalization in November 2021. SHIB was launched back in 2020 (before the dog craze) and has gained a strong community and a number of use cases since then. The Shiba Inu ecosystem includes three tokens — SHIB, BONE, and LEASH.

Doge Killer in the Shina Inu universe

The creator of LEASH is the pseudonymous Ryoshi — the same developer who founded SHIB. Doge Killer was initially introduced as a rebase token — a cryptocurrency with a flexible supply that could control its price based on the demand. Users holding such a token can sometimes see that the number of coins they store in their wallets changes but their overall value remains the same. This is how some of the algorithmic stablecoins work.

However, this plan was abandoned as the team decided to “unleash the potential” of Doge Killer. The supply of the token was reduced to just 107,646 coins, which is very few — in comparison, SHIB supply is measured in quadrillions. This shapes a high price of LEASH — it’s around $1,500 as of mid-February 2022. The advantage of this scarce model is that when the interest in the token surges, LEASH significantly grows in price.

LEASH Use Cases

The team doesn’t outline a clear list of LEASH use cases for Shiba Inu newcomers, but we will put together some publicly known facts:

  • First, you can buy LEASH on the ShibaSwap decentralized exchange and stake it there to earn rewards.
  • Doge Killer is supposed to play a certain role in Doggy DAO — the blockchain-based governance organ that will make Shiba Inu closer to the community and allow it to manage the ecosystem.
  • One of the events that pumped LEASH was the Shiboshi NFT sale in October 2021. Users could buy some of the 10,000 collectibles with Doge Killer.
  • One more LEASH use case applies to buying land in Shiberse — the SHIB metaverse that we will quickly review a little later.

It’s worth mentioning that, compared to numerous dog-related meme coins, Shiba Inu has a really large community, and the project is constantly developing and adding new features to the ecosystem. That said, we may expect that new Doge Killer use cases will be announced in 2022.

What’s the Team behind Doge Killer (LEASH)?

Very little is known about those who created SHIB and LEASH. As already mentioned, the founder of the platform is Ryoshi whose identity remains unknown. He wrote in the Shiba Inu “Woofpaper” that the project was conceived as “an experiment in decentralized spontaneous community building.” Seems that the plan worked — today, the ecosystem boasts a thriving community, a decentralized team of developers and artists who create artworks and participate in contests.

Ryoshi calles Shiba Inu a meme-driven populist economic model and is proud to have made the platform from scratch. Early investors who supported SHIB with 10 ETH the very beginning have got some returns in the token.

Doge Killer (LEASH) Roadmap

Shiba Inu and Doge Killer are decentralized cryptocurrencies and have no clear roadmap. However, the team has Twitter where it occasionally makes announcements. Here’s what we know: in 2022, the platform is to launch Doggy DAO, a structure that will enable community governance. It’s unknown whether LEASH will play a role there, but the BONE token (ths Shiba’s third asset) will be used to vote for protocol upgrades.

We also expect the launch of Shibarium — a Layer-2 scaling solution that will allow Shiba users to escape from high Ethereum fees and use this custom solution for cheap SHIB and LEASH transactions. ShibaSwap 2.0 will be presented soon, as well (an improved version of the ecosystem’s DEX).

What’s more, the launch of Shiberse, the Shiba Inu metaverse, has also been announced to happen in 2022. It is known that LEASH holders will be able to get in line to receive land parcels in Shiberse — and when the news about this went public, the Doge Killer price soared by 105%.

Doge Killer (LEASH) Price Prediction 2022

Unlike many doge meme coins, LEASH has been keeping its price above the ground since its launch, showing some peaks on the way and not dumping into the red zone on the CoinMarketCap chart. The token also manages to preserve a stable 24h trading volume of $3–7 million.

The Doge Killer price depends largely on announcements in the Shiba Inu ecosystem — NFTs, metaverse, and so on. Maybe there are more use cases to come that will bring stable growth to Doge Killer, but this remains unknown. Price predictions for LEASH vary widely — while DigitalCoinPrice forecasts $2,389 for LEASH by 2023, Wallet Investor expects the token to drop down to $340.

Where Can I Buy Doge Killer?

Doge Killer isn’t as popular as Shiba Inu, and the community is currently shilling the token so that it’s accepted by centralized exchanges. However, ChangeNOW has already done this for you. Visit our website or mobile app and buy LEASH with 350+ cryptocurrencies without registration and KYC. There are no hidden fees, and the average swap time is 5 minutes.


Doge Killer is a token in the Shiba Inu ecosystem. It’s based on a scarcity model — there are only 100k tokens, and the small supply helps maintain the value of the coin. LEASH has a number of use cases in the SHIB ecosystem including staking, receiving land in the Shiba metaverse, NFT purchases, and more. The LEASH price predictions are controversial, but the token’s price dynamic is not too bad, which suggests we should keep an eye on Doge Killer to wait for new use cases and the consequent value increase.



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