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What it takes to be a Bitcoiner

Attributes I’ve noticed amongst my comrades

Bitcoiners are the Revolutionaries

It requires a rare mix of attributes & interests to be the kind of person that one would consider a ‘Bitcoiner’ at this particular point in time.

We are so early in this game, and it truly takes a rare breed of human to be as supportive of something like Bitcoin, and in particular, so fervently.

Today’s Bitcoiners are the Revolutionaries, and they will differ from the Bitcoiners of the future, because those of the future will not need to be as inherently outlandish & contrarian as we are now.

In this article, I’d like to take a moment to point out the attributes that are prevalent in being a Bitcoiner today.


‘Bitcoinism’ will expand as the years go on, and more people will become Bitcoiners for reasons not as deep seated as those which drive today’s Bitcoiners, and of course, long term, many will just become “default Bitcoiners” in much the same way many are “default keyensians” today.

As the world changes, as the megapolitcal dynamics evolve, as Bitcoin grows, as technology & software permeate more & more of our lives, as personal Sovereignty rises up whilst authoritarianism struggles to maintain it’s stranglehold by becoming ever more draconian & violent, more & more people will become Bitcoiners.

It’s going to be a matter of survival.

That’s all a given.
But I want to talk about today.

To be a Bitcoiner today, to be part of an elite group of people who despite being laughed at, ridiculed, written off & mocked, can see a better, fairer, smarter & more free future, it takes a special mix of attributes.

Toxic Bitcoin Maxi Supremacist (Plebs)

I’ve lost track of all the labels, so I’m just gonna nickname this subset of animals; “The Bitcoin Plebs”.

This is an entirely different level of Bitcoiner. One that is even more rare, but makes up the equivalent of the Navy Seals or Special Forces in this battle.

They’re the ruthless mother fuckers who will not bend, and they are the white blood cells who are first in line to defend Bitcoin, and all it stands for.

You don’t just start out as a Pleb. You evolve into one, but again, it requires some innate predispositions (as per what I’ve listed below).

So let’s examine attributes of a Bitcoiner.

These are things I’ve noticed as a commonality amongst many I’ve met + interacted with:

Bitcoiners Are / Believe in:

Naturally intelligent
First principles thinkers
Systems thinking
Production oriented
Low time preference
High standards
Frontier oriented
Giving / Caring
Strong moral compass
Missionaries (not mercenaries)
Private / Privacy Advocates

Now…let’s look at the Plebs.

They are generally all of the above (to a more extreme degree), and they are also:

Intolerant of stupidity & scammers
Next level memeologists
The Resistance

It truly takes a special breed of person to cover off being a Bitcoiner, and encompassing the traits of intelligence that comes with that, whilst also having the courage to stand up for what’s right, and be the immovable object in a world of meandering shit.

Do some of us seem to go overboard sometimes? Sure...
But it comes with the territory.
When the 300 Spartans drew that fucking line, they too went overboard, but that’s what the situation called for.

Nobody is perfect, neither are the Defenders that stand between you and the world of scammers, parasites, bankers, wankers, statists, socialists, deranged leftists and governments who are out to suck you dry of your time, your energy & of course, your Bitcoin.

But the Plebs, Bitcoiners, Maximalists & the most Toxic Supremacists of us out there is the first line of defense. The world will be thankful one day when it looks back on this period of history.

They’ll admire the courage we showed in the face of what may seem insurmountable odds.

If you’re a Bitcoiner & if you’re a pleb, I’m glad to be on this journey with you, at this particular point in time. We are indeed early, and having conviction when it’s early is hard.

Our stance is contrarian today, but if we continue to stand strong, we will change the world tomorrow.

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