Steam Engine Train used in the Industrial Age
The beginning of the Industrial age


Aside from the culture generated by Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, one important driver pushing its popularity among Millennials is the fact that the fiat-based system has failed them. The Millennials are a generation molded by economic downturns. With unemployment levels after the Covid-19 outbreak now sliding back to levels seen in 2000, Millennials, who have already experienced a post-9/11 recession as well as a global financial crisis, are now facing yet another period of slower economic development than any other generation in history.

Blockchain Technology


It is no longer simply about Bitcoin when it comes to cryptocurrency. Millennials are overwhelmingly the generation driving this trend. As the first generation to grow up with digital technology at their fingertips, millennials have different ways of thinking by default. Technology is smoothly intertwined into their daily lives in a way that feels perfectly natural.

Bitcoin Millennial Culture

1. Bitcoin has ushered in a new era of culture.

Bitcoin has ushered in a new era of digital cash. From HODL to WHALE to BULL and BEAR, the Bitcoin ecosystem has its own language consisting of acronyms and jargon. Part of the appeal of Bitcoin is the culture surrounding it.

2. Investing in Bitcoin is exciting.

Buying Bitcoin is like traveling to Vegas; it’s exciting and full of adrenaline. Investing has never been more enjoyable or interesting. In fact, I believe that generation x and y have a penchant for dull investments; they value seriousness, numbers, and the like. Millennials enjoy having fun, have high adrenaline levels, and have a lot of energy. Trading cryptocurrency provides all of these benefits and more. According to Tom Meyvis, Professor of Marketing at New York University’s Leonard N. Stern School of Business, continuously checking stock prices might be monotonous. It’s thrilling with something like Bitcoin because there’s always something happening.

An excited Bitcoin Millennial

3. High Reward, High Risk.

Bitcoin is a high-risk, high-reward investment. The prospect of a revolutionary technology excites people, and Bitcoin is no exception. With Bitcoin’s long-term prediction of $200,000 over the next decade, and mainstream financial institutions such as PayPal and Square investing in the technology, it’s hard not to be concerned about missing out. Add to it the viral success tales of people who have used Bitcoin. When compared to any other business, cryptocurrencies have produced incredible windfall millionaires.

Investment charts showing a variety of assets


Bitcoin has been difficult for the typical investor to comprehend. Most people understand that if you own stock in a successful company, the value of your share grows. Of course, they can relate since they are investing in something solid, something genuine. However, Bitcoin is a somewhat fuzzy concept because most people do not comprehend how it was created or how the technology operates. Bitcoin and other digital assets have heralded the birth of a new asset class. According to investment specialists, this asset class should be viewed as a diversifier for investment portfolios.



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