Why reimagine our financial services using blockchain technology

What decentralized blockchain-enabled applications can we build to help with this growing marketplace and lead to universal prosperity for all?

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Blocking innovation

How are we running in circles confined to a box blocking innovation?

When a task is narrowly defined, we require no creativity, which is how most of our working environments have been formed in the last century.

As we transition into the future of work and adopt new working practices where narrowly defined tasks will be automated, we need to start overhauling our education systems and future-proofing out businesses now in 2020.

Intangibles economy an abstract concept

Intangible-concepts become tangible

According to Reuters, Airbnb’s revenue for 2017 topped $2.5 billion, more than 50 per cent increase over 2016. Regardless of the abstract nature of companies like Airbnb and Uber, they are now companies that have delivered global success.

Abstract ideas are hard to value by finance professionals and investors, and we have seen this with over-inflated valuations of ideas-only based companies and the blockchain concepts that have failed.

Reinventing our financial systems

Blockchain was around before bitcoin’s invention in 2008. Still, the acceptance of other technologies, such as cloud computing, was not universally accepted as a standard business practice until late in the last decade.

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Why reimagine our financial services?

Decentralized applications

In summary

As we reimagine money, the future of work, and the foundations that could help society with this transition, we should not dismiss bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, and blockchain because they are complex concepts.

Dismissing blockchain at this stage would be a lost opportunity our community has for evolving our financial and banking systems in the next decade.



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