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Why TBS World in Brussels on June 12th Might be the Blockchain Event of the Year

TBS World — Blockchain, nascent AI, and newly-emerging Technologies are constantly evolving in today’s Digital World.

Today we’re doing an interview with Bruno Ver from TBS World on Altcoin Magazine.

Hey, Bruno, thanks for attending the interview today for us to know everything about TBS World and why our readers should attend the event in Brussels on June 12th of 2019.

Firstly, can you make an introduction to yourself, your background, and a little history about how you got to where you are today?

I’m an ex Microsoft employee and I launched my first startup back in 2011… the moment I got into Crypto (Bitcoin) because my programmers wanted me to pay them in Bitcoin. I spent Bitcoin for 2–3 years and ended up not looking at my Bitcoins for a few years… I was then gladly surprised in November 2017. During the time of my first startup, and other startups that I was involved with, I was lucky enough to invest in Snapchat and have an exit from a Startup sold to Google… Since then I’ve been working as a sales/marketing strategic consultant for startups and scaleups, and I’ve been investing and advising projects personally as well with my 5 partners of Block5 capital.

Do you have some advise to give to people that you’ve learned from your journey up until now?

I met many people during my ventures, of which also famous names, I’m just happy to live the life I love and be able to do what I love. A funny fact maybe not, but more some advice, if you think there is nothing, you might sometimes be mistaken, don’t just close a door… always keep them open.

Thanks, so now, let’s dive into the event that you are hosting on June 12, in Brussels. Why TBS World? What sets it apart from the rest?

Well, my goal is to generate revenue in order to organize free summer technology booth camps for kids of less fortunate people. On top of that, I love giving back to the community: startups within the Blockchain industry. So by becoming a partner, a startup with a startup booth or an attendee at the event, you support my goal.

But what’s in it for the partner, startup, or attendee? Lots of networking time, a few leads per person present, a price for the best startup, and if you’re somehow interested or running a blockchain program, these conferences are the place to be.

How do I try to make a difference? Networking time, enough! & think about Las Vegas, Cirque du Soleil, and technology, this cocktail gives you TBS.

So you’re trying to combine or bring together all types of tech companies, but still, you have a general focus on Blockchain, correct?

Yes, that’s correct!

You want to make every event a combined event and city experience. How are you going to make it a city-experience?

Well, think about Cirque du Soleil, Las Vegas or Tomorrowland… in the future we really want to become some sort of a tech festival with speakers, networking time, good locations, hotels and even a tour in the city where you’re attending.

Now, as you mentioned, TBS World is the perfect place for startups, but also established companies. Can you tell a bit about the benefits for both entities?

Last year companies and startups had an average of 3 leads each. On top of that, the best startup got received $50.000… and in total over $500.000 was raised after our event as the result of the connections we facilitated.

Can you elaborate on the VC pitch thing?

Sure! We’ve done something quite amazing — We’ll find the best 6 startups and allow them to present on the main stage, where we have a bunch of VC’s, and one of them will be crowned the most potential startup.

TBS World is a non-profit event, and not only do profits go to educating children and teenagers on Blockchain, but you also re-invest profits back into tech startups. Can you tell a little about why you decided to take this approach?

It’s all about giving back, that’s why I’m doing this & of course the networking which opens opportunities.

If a company wants to have a booth at the TBS World event in Brussels this June, or perhaps at any of the future events, where can they see prices and order tickets?

On our website it’s about $4k for a startup, high potential startups might get a scholarship ‘discount’ from our partner Block5.

Where can regular people get tickets, and what’s the entry prices?

The event tickets start at €149 per ticket, incl. food, drinks, and a goodie bag, but a regular entrance ticket is a mere €29. Please do check our website for any and all questions to be answered!

Apart from what’s been asked already, how can people follow, or support TBS World? Or perhaps if they want to make a contribution to the youngsters’ education?

On our website, they can find all the info, and additional support to the TBS Children Tech Education can be done for 5 EUR.

Lastly, follow us on Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

Thank you for your time!



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