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Women in Business: Women are Critical to Crypto Adoption

& The “Tomboys” Changing #Fintech.

A fun article covering Alyze’s interview on “Women in Business” Podcast with Shawn McBride

Are you a tomboy? Ladies…. I’ve thrown together a quick “Cosmo-Style” Quiz to help you decide!

  • Are you a professional female and you find yourself among a sea of men, speaking like the “boys”?
  • Have you used the phrase, “Messy hair, don’t care” but did NOT take a ‘selfie’ and post it on social media?
  • When others ask about your childhood; do you think of racing, LAN parties, sports, gaming, and all the times you got in trouble for getting your dresses dirty?
  • Is your ‘Little Black Book’ filled with single, handsome men that call you adorable pet names, like; ‘bro’, ‘buddy’, or my favorite ‘BROHAM’?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these, even though I’m joking, you’ve probably identified as a tomboy at one point in your life.

What’s a tomboy? If there’s ever a decent example of a tomboy, I am that boy… ehhhh girl.

Tomboy Defined.

Wikipedia simply defines a ‘tomboy’ as a girl who exhibits characteristics considered typical of a boy.

The term ‘tomboy’ has positive and negative aspects. Like most things, there’s a time and place where different trends go to flourish or die. Depending on the era and culture, “Tomboyism” has been viewed as both a desirable trait, as well as a frowned upon lifestyle.

History of the Tomboy.

During the 1840s social elites became concerned about the physical health of women due to restrictive clothing and a lack of exercise. Amid fears encouraged women to lead more active, outdoorsy lifestyles. The tomboy became a perfect cure for malaise. In theory many believed, this would better prepare young girls “for the physical and psychological demands of marriage and motherhood.”

“Author Michelle Ann Abate stated, in nineteenth-century American culture, the usage of the word tomboy came to refer to a specific code of conduct that permitted young girls to exercise, wear “sensible clothing”, and to eat a “wholesome diet”. Because of the emphasis on a healthier lifestyle, tomboyism quickly grew in popularity during this time period as an alternative to the dominant feminine code of conduct that had limited women’s physical movement. Abate stated that this mode of behavior was planned to enhance the power and durability of the country’s coming brides and child-bearers and the progeny that they birthed. She said that tomboyism was more than a new fostering method or gender statement for the country’s young women.”

What are we seeing?

“Currently, around 5% of the crypto enthusiasts are women — including developers, investors, founders and casually interested individuals.” Because women in the space are more rare, a lot of ladies in the field have expressed some level of uncomfortability. It’s been stated on numerous occasions there needs to be more women in crypto and blockchain. But how?

According to, as of May 2018, 94.73 percent of Bitcoin community engagement and active participation comes from men and 5.27 percent from women.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve walked into a crypto meetup and I’ve been the only female in the room. If you ever want to feel like an alien, being a woman in the blockchain industry is definitely the way to go. I’ve been asked many times what I think it’ll take to bring more women into the field. After pondering for sometime, talking to some of my friends, and assessing other females in the industry, I’ve decided a lady must be a “tough chick” or “one of the boys” to survive in a man’s field.

Why is getting more women involved critical?

Cryptocurrency adoption will come with women embracing the use of digital currency. Why? It’s obvious. In the words of Beyoncé, “Who runs the world? GIRLS!

“Women are increasingly more reliant on the internet to make purchases, while men still prefer bricks and mortar”, according to a new survey from First Insight.

But it’s not just online shopping women are controlling…

GirlPowerMarketing has gathered information I was completely AMAZED to read. Beyoncé was right. Girls DO run the world.

Statistics show women lead over men in purchasing power. From travel, to food, healthcare, even tech, automotive, electronics…..and to my surprise, we purchase NEARLY HALF major league SPORTS purchases!

Picture a Baseball Announcer’s voice screaming into the microphone* “Annnnnnnnd the crowd of LADIES goes wild!”

“More women (50.4 million) tuned into the Super Bowl than watched the Oscars (24.5 million), Grammys (23.8 million), and Emmys (8 million). (Source: Nielsen, 2012)”

Marketers and sales experts have long embraced the aged saying, “Happy wife, Happy Life”, after realizing the buying power of women. Some of the most successful companies have the best ad campaigns geared toward women.

Girls rule and boys drool

This childhood playground taunt was obviously missed by many blockchain enthusiasts.

I mean seriously, why isn’t the crypto community realizing women need to be not only included for mass adoption, they need to become industry leaders for their “moons” and “lambos” to come.

Think about it… what are the top blockchain applications? Hmmm….

Check out the infographic below with everyday Blockchain apps. If you’ve read to this point, you’ll see the redundancy in elaborating on this picture. We’ve already covered how women rule over half these topics mentioned!

Just do me a favor and please note, in the United States, 60% of attorneys are women! (Pinnington, Ashly (November 2013). “Lawyers’ Professional Careers: Increasing Women’s Inclusion in the Partnership of Law Firms”. Gender, Work & Organization. 20 (6): 616–631. Retrieved 21 September 2017.)

What’s the community doing to push out women/ What can you do to help?

The New York Times article “Blockchain Bros” stated the official conference party for the North American Bitcoin Conference in January 2018 took place at a Miami strip club. There were 87 speakers at the event, 3 were female. The number was only that high after receiving complaints about the gender imbalance. Conference organizer, Moe Levin, then replaced two male speakers with two female speakers.

It just coincidentally happened that there were more men than women speakers,” stated Levin.

“It’s not intentional not to include them. It’s just we don’t have time to include them.”

The 2017 conference had featured “skimpily clad models painted gold and bearing Bitcoin logos.”

Photo Source.

What will the future be?

Recently, there has been a push to get more women involved in blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. Initiatives like Mogul’s “Women in Crypto” events and organizations like the Women in Blockchain Foundation have been making an effort to get more women involved in the blockchain and crypto space.

The future is women.

What should we be thinking about now?

At the “Women in Crypto” Event, Kelsey Cole, co-founder of blockchain digital advertising company adbank, suggested women should take these simple steps to become involved in cryptocurrency;

  • Set up a wallet and write down its private key. Get acquainted with some form of cryptocurrency wallet.
  • Participate in the community/activity that increases knowledge and reputation of crypto. This is invaluable to career progression.
  • Do research on the technology AND the market. Due diligence is crucial to success, from both a career and investment perspective.

To be Continued….

To be continued, because this story isn’t near its conclusion.

Historically, the birth of digital currency may have been generated by a gpu and possibly a gentleman’s genius, but the becoming of cryptocurrency lies in the lovely hearts of brilliant females, fostering purpose and passion; into this, life-altering technology.

Katie Mullen says,

“I have noticed an amazing phenomenon during many years in Corporate America: former tomboys make amazing employees.”

Mullen wrote an article I shared on my LinkedIn. Her reasoning was; “[we] tomboys are; tough, great problem-solvers, easily talk to men, make great travel buddies, and typically “thick-skinned.”

Are tomboys also going to help more women become comfortable within the fintech industry? I know this tomboy is working towards this goal.

Tell me what you think.

  • What are YOU doing to bring more digital currency users?
  • What should the community be doing?
  • What advice/opinions do you have?

How can we mutually benefit one another?

I’d love to professionally discuss, collaborate and connect with you all.

Welcome feedback, positive and negative; as I’m only here to improve and educate myself/others.

Let’s Connect







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